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Let Your Beauty Glow

Let Your Beauty Glow

Panasonic's unique nanoe technology makes hair smooth and skin healthy.


Panasonic’s new EH-NA65 hair dryer, EH-HS95 hair straightener, and EH-SA31 facial steamer incorporate unique and advanced nanoe technology, which is just one of the many reasons, Panasonic’s latest range of beauty and grooming products stand apart from the competition.


Nano-sized ion particles contain 1,000 times more water than negative ions. Being much smaller than regular particles, these nano-sized particles (pH5.5) penetrate hair, scalp and skin more effectively, hence keep them moisturised longer. As nano-sized particles are generated from moisture in the air, there is no need to supply water directly to the products. This reduces wear and tear of the nanoe products. Nanoe technology addresses the needs of today’s discerning consumers, providing them with beauty solutions that have maximum results such as well moisturised skin and hair, even in dry Middle East conditions.


Panasonic Beauty products are designed and developed to meet the aspirations of modern women, in line with their contemporary lifestyles. Nanoe is more effective in retaining moisture for longer period of time, thus increasing the effectiveness of the new Panasonic beauty products. With the technologically advanced Panasonic Beauty products, women are able to enjoy a home spa experience alongside fuss-free grooming, at the convenience to suite they busy and high standard of living.


Panasonic EH-NA65 Hair Dryer captures moisture from damp hair and surrounding air and infuses it back into hair with nanoe ions.

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Panasonic EH-HS95-K Hair Straightener can transform even the curliest hair into smooth, straight locks. With nanoe ions, it protects hair from heat damage.

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With Panasonic EH-SA31 Facial Steamer, ultra-fine nano-sized ionic steam penetrates into the epidermis and hydrates the complexion.


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