(Local Warranty in (Yemen

Agent/ Dealer name: Alpha Yemen

Products covered

Compressors of Air Conditions.

Warranty Period:
2 Years

Products covered

Fax, PBX accessories, IP Cameras, VCR, Movie Camera, Digital Still Cameras, Radio, Cassette with CD, DVD Players, Recorders, CD/VCD players, Audio Systems, Home Theatre, LCD Projectors, Plasma/LCD Displays, Air conditioners, Home & Kitchen Appliances Refrigerators

Warranty Period: 
1 Year

Products covered

Radio, Radio Cassette, Portable CD/Cassette Player, Car Audio, DVD Players/Recorders (Ram/Digital P.C.B. Module), Telephone, Personal and Health Care, Equipment, Shavers, Electric Iron.

Warranty Period: 
6 Months

Warranty Coverage Includes: Spare Parts and Labor Charge

Warranty Excludes:
Accessories: Such as Remote Controls, Batteries, Fax Films and Ink CD (Dum & Toner), Speakers, Headphones, Earphones, Cables, Stands and Holders, Glass & Plastic Containers, Pushers, Consumable.

Terms & Conditions

If the purchaser requires the warranty service he/she must send or take the defective product at his/her own expense to any Techserve branch or to an authorized service center.

The purchaser must produce the original purchase invoice together with this Warranty Card stamped by the seller. Failure to produce these items to the authorized service center or service dealer will invalidate the warranty.