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Panasonic at GITEX 2014

Panasonic at GITEX 2014

Panasonic’s Smart Sustainable Technology Solutions at GITEX 2014 Mirror a Changing Lifestyle

Panasonic at GITEX 2014

At GITEX Technology Week 2014, the Middle East’s leading technology show, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa (PMMAF) is showcasing a spectacular product line-up that syncs with futuristic smart living
Panasonic is highlighting its smart business technology by introducing sustainable living solutions and featuring products that deploy cutting-edge technology, providing optimum use of resources without compromising on the comfort and quality.
Panasonic’s commitment to sustainable living can be witnessed in its endeavors like farming technologies which are a solution to the global shortage of arable land, climate change and increasing demand for quality food as well as stable food supply. Likewise, its unique Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town concept aims to realize a safe, peaceful life for residents by linking and using electricity and information networks by promoting local production for local consumption, mirror a changing lifestyle.
Under the theme of ‘Smart Sustainable Solutions’, Panasonic delivers a unique user experience across its entire line-up of products and solutions at GITEX 2014.


The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town in Japan is built from scratch on the site of an old factory between Tokyo and Mount Fuji. The pioneering model is a benchmark for efficient use of energy and a reduction in harmful toxic emissions. It also improves the lives of citizens and cost efficiency for companies. Fujisawa is targeting a 70% reduction in carbon emissions through proposed fuel cell generators for homes, electric cars and smart appliances connected to a local network.


To use energy more efficiently, Panasonic is developing houses equipped with its Home Energy Management System (HEMS) or smart houses. We completed the basic model of SMART HEMSTM by adding AiSEG (Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart Energy Gateway (SEG)) to energy creation, storage, and saving equipment.
Panasonic’s AiSEG makes the flow of energy throughout the entire home visible by exchanging information with home appliances.


Panasonic's unique farming technology is a sustainable and economical indoor farming technology that can produce a wide range of seasonal crops using soil-based cultivation in controlled environments. Hydroponic type indoor vegetable factory uses water only without soil, while Hydrophobic sand that can resist water will change the concept of water usage in the agriculture domain


Panasonic developed a Smart Energy Storage System (SESS) which manages optimum control of charge and discharge of electricity from the grid or electricity generated by photovoltaic modules or other sources directly.
Panasonic's SESS is a very scalable power storage system with the ability to address multiple energy storage application (e.g. Residential Energy Storage, Community Energy Storage, Substation Energy Storage, UPS, etc.).


Panasonic’s ELSEEV battery charger can be installed outdoors and is aimed at public facilities such as municipal offices and libraries. It is super convenient, not necessary to take out vehicle's cable, just plug-in the charging connector to start charging.


HOSPI the Autonomous Delivery Robot by Panasonic offers solutions for Transportation of Medication and Lab Sample Collection occurring 24/7, 365 days a year.
It supports safe functions for daily smooth operations. HOSPI is equipped with 6 medication trays and has an optimal design for medical transport/sample lab collection


Panasonic's robotic device for nursing care which uses robotic technology to help users get out of bed, has become the first product in the world to obtain global safety standard ISO13482 for service robots.
It is a robotic device built on an entirely new concept which fuses an electric care bed with an electric reclining wheelchair.


Panasonic's large 4K displays offer excellent durability for professional use. While offering extended operation under even the harshest conditions, they provide bright, crisp, high-resolution images. Their 4K quality ensures intricately detailed, large-screen images with a dynamic scale. Even fine text and textures are reproduced with sharp, high clarity. Durability is realized by a dedicated design especially for professional use.


LFV70 Series  feature an ultra narrow bezel video wall with installation flexibility and high reliability. It is equipped to distribute Video, Audio and Control Signals by Digital Link Single Cable Daisy Chain. This enables not only a multi-screen system to be configured using only displays and video sources with no need for a video splitter or other device, but also easy installation and control of multi-screen system thanks to simple cabling.


ED-D75LE90, the world’s first ultra-short throw lens for 3-chip DLP projectors delivers an amazing 0.36:1 throw ratio and enables a 200” diagonal image at a throw distance of just five feet from the screen. Its unique ability to maximize tight spaces yet still retain super-high brightness makes it ideal for a variety of large venues, such as theatres, auditoriums and museums.


The PT-RZ670 projector features 20,000 hours of working life without lamp replacement and provides for flexible, every-angle installation. This model features 6500 lm of brightness and was developed by Panasonic to meet the critical demands of long-term operations in industries like exhibitions, museums and signage. The reliable drive system of the projector enables continuous 24/7 operation with no downtime


Business Communication Servers by Panasonic are designed to deliver  solutions to current real world business requirements such as: simplifying and improving communications, lowering costs, improving productivity, supporting SOHOs and diversifying of the workplace. They do all of these while flexibly adapting to the way each organization works.


Panasonic's KX-MB2100 series Multi-Function Printers deliver the performance you need to dramatically improve your office productivity. From routine print jobs and enhanced document security to on-the-go mobile printing, these versatile printers have all the features that today's complex business environments demand.


Panasonic Toughpads incorporate integrated features and options that enable a seamless workflow even in challenging conditions. From outside sales, to healthcare to public safety, Toughpad provides the powerful and extremely secure mobile computing solution critical for enterprise and government.


With a wide line-up of home monitoring solutions and video intercoms, Panasonic performance, quality and reliability deliver all the security you need at home, with advanced features such as home control, smart plug, motion sensors and baby monitor.


Don't miss the opportunity to win the amazing Panasonic HC800 premium noise-cancelling headphones. The HC800 headphones use the newest noise cancelling technology to reduce environmental noise than can disturb and ruin the enjoyment of music. The HC800 lets you enjoy your favorite music without surrounding noise even when you are travelling in an airplane, train or bus.

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