1.0HP SKY Series Air Conditioner CS-VS10SKH ၏ ဓါတ္ပံုမ်ား

1.0HP SKY Series Air Conditioner CS-VS10SKH

Model CS-VS10SKH
Cooling Capacity (min-max) kW 2,85(0.84-3.38)
(min-max) Btu/h 9,720(2,860-11,200)
EER (min-max) Btu/hW 13.5(12.71-12.44)
Electrical Data Voltage V 220-240
Current A 3.5-3.2
Power Input(min-max) W 720(225-900)
Moisture Removal L/h 1.7
(Pt/h) 3.6
Air Circulation Indoor m3/min(ft3/min) 10.1(335)
Noise Level Indoor(H/L) dB(A) 36/25/18
Outdoor(H/L) dB(A) (47) - (48)
Dimension Height mm 318(511)
inch 12-17/32(20-1/8)
Width mm 950(650)
inch 37-13/32(25-19/32)
Depth mm 280(230)
inch 11-1/32(9-1/16)
Net Weight Indoor kg(lb) 13(29)
Outdoor kg(lb) 21(46)
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter Liquid Side mm 6.35
inch 1/4
Gas Side mm 9.52
inch 3/8
Pipe Extension Chargeless Pipe Length m 7.5
Maximun Pipe Length m 15
Maximum Elevation Length m 5
Additional Refrigerant Gas* g/m 15
Power Supply Indoor
Note Caution For CS-VS10SKH(Important) Please do not use copper pipes that are less than 0.6mm in thickness.
*When pipes are not extended from the chargeless pipe length, the required amount of refrigerant is already in the unit.