Philosophy / Concept


We place utmost importance on
our core values of home-building
centred around the philosophy from
our founder, Konosuke Matsushita.

Photo: Philosophy

“A home is a place where our heart is,
a place where we build character,
a place of importance as we live our lives.
I would like to build wonderful homes that nurture our living.”

We were established in 1963 following the mission statement made by our founder,
Konosuke Matsushita, that there is no business more important than to build a home.

50 years thereon, the philosophy remains unchanged and is still being upheld as the core of the companyʼ s values.

To transform the dream home of each individual into reality.
To discover and contribute to the future of mother earth and its people.
To continuously strive to pursue for the perfect home.

Home is an important place for family bonding.
Shouldering the responsibility and armed with the passion for home-building, we hope to become your irreplaceable partner in realizing your dream.


To improve the quality of life of those in the ASEAN region. To be a life-long partner in quality living spaces. We aim to become a company that inspires new concepts of home life—with careful consideration of the regional climate and culture, we hope to continue offering high quality living spaces that achieve healthy, safety, and security .

Comfort & Health

Refreshing and clean air for the family to relax in the living room.

A home that offers comfort and healthy Living.

The indoor air environment has a significant impact on family health and comfortable lifestyles, in particular. In order for us to stay healthy throughout our lives, we must spend our days in a clean air environment.

Panasonic Homes has created homes in which air quality can be improved using PURETECH technology. With a unique ventilation system technology that adopts Panasonicʼ s ventilation system, clean, outdoor air can be drawn indoors without needing to open windows, and unclean air from cooking or other activities can be ventilated outside. PURETECH makes it possible to fill homes with fresh, clean air. We are committed to delivering a comfortable and healthy living space for families.

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Safety & Security

Safe and secure living room for the family to relax.

A home that feels safe and secured.

Panasonic Homes hopes to provide people in ASEAN with homes that will protect their dearest family members and offer them peace of mind.
We have been able to carry this out in a short period of time using the POWERTECH technologies that adopt W-PC(Wall Pre-cast Concrete) construction method and construction management methods that have been developed in Japan. We deliver high-quality, leak resistance homes that can support the lifestyles of our customers.

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