Interior Design

Living Ideas and Construction

Panasonic Homes delivers a home of quality work in architectural as well as in the interior designing works. Aesthetically pleasing designs are not our only focus. Our design proposals are based on the concepts of “Health” ,” Safety and Relief” ,” Relationships” ,and “Effortless Housework.” These concepts are related to flow to housework,utilty, and communication between family members. With the latest technology and a wealth of experience, We offer floor plans and interior design that is suited to you to make the most of your living space.

Interior Design

Panasonic Homes will help you realize the life of your dreams by providing total support in designing your home. We provide you designs that are cozy and makes you feel completely at home.

Layout Ideas

Our "future planning" design concept allows us to design homes that anticipate the needs of you and your family in the future.

Laundry for effortless housework:A space for laundry storage and housework is integrated between the balcony laundry corner and bathroom.High-performance kitchen:The soft down wall-mounted storage makes taking out and putting back dishes easier than ever. The built-in dishwasher saves you wasting time on the washing up.Your own space:The desk and storage ensure distinct spaces for both husband and wife whilst allowing them to share the area.Hobby corner:A flexible area of flooring, ideal for just sitting on and relaxing, and perhaps displaying a hobby collection or doing a bit of meditation.A dressing table area 1s located near the bathroom for convenience after bathing.Gallery:Time for relaxation surrounded by your favorite things.