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Keeping the Best Moments of Your Travel

Searching for Japan’s winter beauty, I visited Aomori with my lovely travel companion, LUMIX GF9 - the trusted mirror-less digital camera that never lets me down to capture priceless moments effortlessly.

4K PHOTO Selfies

You can take selfies with amazing visual quality

My first shot after getting to Aomori was a selfie around Aomori Station while holding an apple, which Aomori is famous for. This is to commemorate my arrival in Aomori.

The GF9 is made for selfie aficionados like you and me. You can use either hands to press the shutter, or you can just wave to the camera, and it automatically takes a photo! You’ll also love the quality of your selfies taken using this 4K PHOTO function. It translates the beauty of a scenery, an object or people into a photo, just as you see them with the naked eyes.

Panorama Selfie

Try this at spectacular destinations

One of the big attractions of Aomori is its dynamic natural landscape. One of the best places to take photos is along Lake Towada. Here, you can enjoy spectacular scenery throughout the four seasons.

Using the GF9, you can even take panorama Selfie photos. This makes a huge difference in your travel experience and the memories you can create in photographs. You can take Selfies that take in the full view of the amazing scenery anywhere you go.

4K PHOTO Burst Shot

Best Shot is something you create

The most delightful element you can find in Aomori in winter is, of course, snow. It’s a rare experience to be able to be play out in the snow. You need to capture those scenes for your treasure trove of memories.

The GF9 has a Burst Shot feature that takes 30 succeeding photos in a minute. You can now capture snow dancing in the air, like a scene from a romantic movie. With the Burst Shot feature, you don’t need to rely on “chance” to take the best shots. You’ll be pleased to find so many best shots!

Focus Stacking

You can show everything you want

Wherever I go, I look forward to trying the local cuisine. Aomori’s famed dish is Jappa soup, and it really is quite delicious! This unique fish soup is so satisfying and warms my heart as well as my body.

Restaurant: Tsugaru Joppari Isariya Sakaba

It’s never been easy to take close-up pictures of food, as you can’t always predict where the camera will focus. It can be too close or too far, and it’s difficult to have good focus on the entire dish.

The GF9 has solved this problem. It has a feature called Focus Stacking that can focus on the whole bowl of Jappa soup. This function is so helpful when you want to take close-up photos of food or jewelry. Even when you are taking pictures of things at different distances, you can choose multiple areas to focus evenly after the shoot with the GF9.

Post Focus

Be more expressive and show off your creativity

Looking around local traditional crafts is an absolute must when traveling. Arts and crafts in Aomori are surprisingly colorful and cute! They are great buys as souvenir and gifts!

You can use the GF9’s Post Focus feature to make the crafts even more attractive. The Post Focus feature allows you to choose where to focus point after taking the photo. So you can emphasize the point you want. It’s easy to show a different story by just changing the focus in the photo even though it’s taken at the same time and place. Create your own original images, and show your friends how much fun you had!

Moments to Come with the GF9

I enjoyed Aomori’s mystical snow wonderland and its gentle, warm-hearted local culture that is so deeply rooted in their land. I am looking forward to traveling again to discover other new places and amazing moments.

Let’s go out into the city and travel afar with the LUMIX GF9.