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"Lat Talilat Tali Tam Plom"
Life's so easy with Panasonic this CNY!

Your Heat Beater Team This CNY

Stay cool and comfortable this Chinese New Year with Panasonic Air Conditioners and Ceiling Fans. Don't miss out on Panasonic's amazing deals!

Your Stylish Food Keeper This CNY

Keep your food fresh and at its optimal temperature this Chinese New Year with the Panasonic ECONAVI Inverter Multi-Door Refrigerator.

Your Superior Washer This CNY

A little clumsy with the Dim Sum dipping sauce this Chinese New Year? Panasonic's Washer Dryer will remove those stains immediately!

Your Personal Chef This CNY

Serve up a variety of dishes with the Panasonic Superheat Big Cubie Oven at this Chinese New Year's reunion dinner.

Your Microcomputer Chef This CNY

Cook the way you like with Panasonic's Jar Rice Cooker! Select from 13 menu programmes for your fave local delicacy this Chinese New Year.

Your Handy Cleaner This CNY

Cut down on cleaning time with the Panasonic Stick Vacuum after every open house this Chinese New Year! Efficient, energy saving, and perfect for every part of your house!

Your Health Therapist This CNY

Want to switch up your Chinese New Year resolutions? Be healthy with the multi-functional Alkaline Water Ionizer! Choose your best pH.

Your Facial Therapist This CNY

Get your skin looking better & brighter than ever this Chinese New Year using the Ionic Toning and Cleansing Device.

Your Perfect Duo This CNY

Watch your house go from clean to squeaky clean whilst you sit back and relax!

Your Professional Photographer This CNY

Don't let a single moment slide this CNY! Capture high-quality 4K photos with the Panasonic Lumix camera at all your festive gatherings.

Your Dust Beater This CNY

Have one less thing to worry about this Chinese New Year! Keep your home dust-free and enjoy clean air with Panasonic Air Purifiers.

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‘Tis the season to be merry! Turn on the festive cheer and celebrate with the ones you love. Whether you are serving up a feast, hosting overnight guests or just entertaining at home, celebrations are made easy with Panasonic.

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Your Advanced Cooler This Christmas

Come home to cooling comfort this Christmas with Panasonic Air Conditioner!

Your Stylish Food Keeper This Christmas

‘Tis the season for a jam-packed fridge. That's why Panasonic Fridge boasts enough space to keep your food fresher for longer - just in time for Christmas!

Your Speedy Washer This Christmas

Gravy is the best part of Christmas dinner… until it lands on your clothes, napkins and tablecloth! Thanks to Panasonic Washer, all dirty laundry won't stand a chance!

Your Favourite Entertainer This Christmas

Bring home the immersive excitement of a true 4K cinematic experience this Christmas with Panasonic Smart TV!

Your Professional Baker This Christmas

Impress your guests with an unforgettable Christmas feast by Panasonic Electric Oven! Upgrade your kitchen appliances with special festive deals.

Your Superior Dishwasher This Christmas

Santa’s helpers come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to keeping your dishes squeaky-clean, you wouldn't go wrong with Panasonic Dishwasher!

Your Reliable Water Heater This Christmas

Jump in a safe, comfortable shower this Christmas with Panasonic Water Heater! Don't miss out on special festive promotions!

Your Premium Hair Dryer This Christmas

Take your hair, scalp (and even face care!) to the next level with Panasonic Hair Dryer this holiday! Discover the latest beauty deals and surprises from Panasonic!

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