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Use the Accessories to Make Shooting Even More Fun!


Use the Accessories to Make Shooting Even More Fun!

Using the right accessory for the scene you’re shooting will make lming more fun than ever, incorporating techniques such as hands-free and point-of-view camera work. Thanks to a compact and lightweight body that’s both waterproof and dustproof, the camera and its accessories are perfect for all kinds of shooting situations, from sports—including water and winter sports—to scenes from everyday life.

Optional Accessories


Multi Mount
VW-MKA1 [included with HX-A1M]
Attaches to shoulder bag,helmets, or goggles.


Tripod Mount
VW-CTA1 [included with HX-A1M]
Secures the camera to a tripod.


Twin Mount
Attaches to the HX-A1 and your own light for shooting in the dark.
Also, two HX-A1 can be attached facing in opposite directions to capture
the action all around you.

Two Cameras for Bidirectional Capture
Attach two cameras in opposite directions to record all around you at once.



Camera and Light(commercially-available)
Shoot even in total darkness using a light attached to the camera.
Infrared(IR)Light (commercially-available)
Using an IR light (commercially- available) and Glasscover (Nightmode),
you can capture forest wildlife in total darkness.

Normal Light
You can record at night or in dark environments.


Extended Battery
Enables approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes of continuous recording
(with HX-A1) *2. Lightweight and waterproof without a housing case.
(IPX8 compliant)
Capacity : 720 mAh*1
Size : 26 mm × 103.4 mm
Weight : 49 g (total camera weight in use: 94 g)
*1: The stated capacity of VW-BTA1(720mAh) is the built-in battery value and may not be fully
supplied to HX-A1. *2: At 1920 x 1080 pixel / 30p


Strap Adaptor
Attaches the camera to a carabiner or strap.


Head Mount
The camera can be mounted on either side of your head.


Clip Mount
Clips to a cap visor or similar surface.


Suction Cup Mount
Attaches to at surfaces such as boat decks.


Video Camera Mount (for handlebar)
Attaches to bicycle handlebars.


Wind Jammer
Reduces wind noise on the microphone.


Multi Belt
Worn across a shoulder or strapped to a backpack.
Can be used with a mobile charger for longer recording.