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About Hello New Me!

Hello New Me

Together let’s begin the journey to better life

As we go through life, we experience many changes that will transform us and our lifestyles, however big or small. These changes can be exciting because of the new opportunities they bring. But they can also be very daunting at first especially with little knowledge and experience.

Through fun and entertaining content, Hello New Me encourages everyone to learn while enjoying, and to bring out the braver, smarter, more stylish “new me”.

So, no matter which stage of life you are in right now, whether it is getting a new job, moving to a new city, taking on a new hobby or starting your own family, Panasonic will support you to make these new experiences wonderful.

What can your "New Me" be?

What can your "New Me" be?

Each of us is unique and we may have different styles.  So, be bold in expressing ideas and innovating your lifestyle to suit your personality and needs. Find inspiration from a variety of creative topics including fashion, health tips, and how to spend time alone or with friends.

What can your "New Me" be?

Confidence plays a big role in succeeding in things that are new and unfamiliar, whether at work, at home or in personal adventures. Find tips and recommended items that can help bring out the confident new you. It is time to propose new projects at work, try on new fashion styles, and explore new places.

What can your "New Me" be?

Striving for a new self doesn’t just have an effect on you but also on people around. Especially for the young parents, it is important to become good role models that your kids can look up to and be proud of. Learn ideas how to create memorable moments where you don’t just enjoy but also allow you and your kids to learn, like preparing family meals together or working on crafts and artworks. 

Be an inspiration to family and friends, so they, too will also aspire for better versions of themselves. The journey to a new you will be more fun and fulfilling when achieved together with the people you care most about.

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