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9kg Gentle & Energy Efficient Drying Heat Pump Dryer NH-EH90JD1WM

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Gentle & Energy Efficient Drying

Experience sustainable laundry care with our heat pump dryer. It gently dries clothes using minimal energy, simplifying your routine with a variety of options for any fabric type. Making every laundry day effortlessly efficient.
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  • Heat Pump Technology
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Gentle Care for Every Wardrobe

Gentle Care for Every Wardrobe
From delicate clothes to daily essentials, Heat Pump technology provides gentle drying at low temperatures to ensure longer-lasting garments while maintaining hygiene for your family.

Optimal Drying, Sustainable Care

Heat Pump technology uses refrigerant to generate heat instead of electricity. It recycles warm air within the drum, recirculating dry air to effectively remove moisture from clothes. This contributes in saving energy and ensuring a gentler drying process.

Smarter Drying, More Savings

Smarter Drying, More Savings
Experience efficiency of sustainable Heat Pump technology. Built-in intelligent humidity and temperature sensors automatically adjust to your laundry's needs, optimising drying time for energy savings and superior fabric care.

Protects Delicates with Gentle Dry

Protects Delicates with Gentle Dry
Prevents shrinkage on your precious garments with gentle, low-temperature drying at approximately 65°C. This ensures your most cherished items remain in great condition, wear after wear.

Reduces Mites & Eliminates 99.99%*² Bacteria

Reduces Mites & Eliminates 99.99%*² Bacteria
Drying at approximately 70°C to reduce mites and eliminates 99.99%*² of bacteria, keeping your family's laundry safe while maintaining them in optimal condition.

Everyday Drying Convenience

Less Wrinkles for Easy Ironing

Saves time and effort with less ironing needs. The Easy Iron mode reduces wrinkles, keeping clothes ready to wear for busy schedules.
Less Wrinkles for Easy Ironing

Quick Dry

Quickly dry the clothes you urgently need, such as working attire or uniforms, to have them ready to wear in just 35 minutes*³.
Quick Dry

Delicate Care for Special Items

Dries items that are prone to losing shape with a special drying rack for delicate items, protecting them from damage, pilling, and shrinkage.
Delicate Care for Special Items

Easy Lint Filter Cleaning

Regular cleaning prevents lint buildup. The 2-layered mesh lint filter efficiently traps lint and dirt and is easy to clean, contributing to cleaner clothes and enhanced overall drying performance.
Easy Lint Filter Cleaning

Flexible Installations, Space-Saving

Saves Space with Stackable Installation

Maximise your space by stacking. The stacking kit (N-SK4W) includes a drawer, ideal for placing folded laundry or any items, offering convenience and efficient space use.
Saves Space with Stackable Installation

Flexible Layout with Side-by-Side Installation

Arrange your washing machine and dryer next to each other for better convenience in your daily routine. The wide-opening door design also enhances user-friendly experience for easier access to your laundry.
Flexible Layout with Side-by-Side Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

The Heat Pump system is much more energy-efficient than a conventional heater dryer, and there is no water consumption to dehydrate during a dry cycle. It is gentle on fabrics at lower drying temperatures.

Heat pump dryers are suitable for a wide range of fabrics such as down jackets, baby clothes, shirts, wool refreshments, etc.

Heat pump dryers are environmentally friendly and efficient, recycling air and removing moisture without the need for water. They conserve energy compared to traditional dryers.

Yes, there are matching washing machines available from the CARE+ Edition series. You can check them on Panasonic's website. Front Load Washing Machine

Yes, the Stacking Kit (model number N-SK4W) is available. You can check it on Panasonic’s website.


Photo of 9kg Gentle & Energy Efficient Drying Heat Pump Dryer NH-EH90JD1WM

Size and Weight


*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

  • Gentle DryingGentle Drying
  • Energy SavingEnergy Saving
  • Time SavingTime Saving
  • Hygienic DryingHygienic Drying
  • 99.99%* Bacteria Elimination99.99%* Bacteria Elimination
  • Allergy CareAllergy Care
  • Easy IronEasy Iron

Drying Capacity: 9kg

Gentle & Energy Efficient Drying - Heat Pump Technology

Smart Drying with Stable & Low Temperatures - Humidity & Temperature Sensors

Reduces Mites & Eliminates 99.99%*² of Bacteria - Hygienic Drying

Convenient Drying Modes

Flexible installation

Loading Capacity

  • Drying Capacity (kg)

    • 9kg

Basic Specifications

  • Dimension (W x D x H) mm

    • 598 x 654 x 841
  • Door Diameter (mm)

    • 488
  • Open door angle

    • 150
  • Net weight (kg)

    • 50
  • RPM

    • 52
  • Drying system

    • Heat pump
  • Voltage

    • 220-240V
  • Frequency

    • 50Hz
  • Power Plug

    • S3
  • Earth Wire

    • no need
  • Power

    • 750W
  • Max. Drying Temp

    • 72⁰C
  • Motor System

    • AC
  • Compressor

    • AC
  • Cord Length (m)

    • 1.5
  • Humidity protection grade

    • IPX4


  • Body Color

    • White
  • Door Ring

    • Black Plastic


  • Humidity Sensor

    • Yes
  • Defect Sensor

    • Yes
  • Thermal protection

    • Yes
  • Child Lock

    • Yes


  • Necessity to Apply

    • Necessary
  • Common Regulation

    • CB report
  • Applied regulation

    • COA/ SIRIM
  • (EL) Energy label

    • -
  • Noise (dB(A) re1pW)

    • ≤62dB(A)

Control Panel

  • Control Type

    • Electronic
  • Button Type

    • Touch
  • Languages of control panel

    • English
  • LED

    • Amber


  • Number of program

    • 12
  • Cotton

    • Yes
  • Quick Dry

    • Yes
  • Hygiene Dry

    • Yes
  • Bedding

    • Yes
  • Baby Care

    • Yes
  • Synthetics

    • Yes
  • Wool

    • Yes
  • Down jacket

    • Yes
  • Towel

    • Yes
  • Shirt

    • Yes
  • Warm Air

    • Yes
  • Cool Air

    • Yes

Optional Parts

  • Stacking System

    • Yes


  • *¹ Panasonic R&D Internal Testing
    47 % more time saving compared to a vented dryer by the Panasonic NH-E80JA1 in internal testing.
    45 % more energy saving compared to a vented dryer by the Panasonic NH-E80JA1 in internal testing.
    TEST CONDITION: Default drying course, Load: JEMA (ver. 2) cloths 5.0kg.
    *² Test Report Hygiene drying procedure is tested as per WXg-24-3006/WXg-24-3007.
    TESTING INSTITUTION: CHEARI (Beijing) Certification & Testing Co., Ltd.
    TESTING CONDITION: Programme: Hygiene Dry + Time (300min)/Base load weight: 3kg
    REPORT ISSUE DATE: 20th/Feb/2024
    Eliminating Bacteria rate: Staphylococcus aureus up to 99.99%, Escherichia coli up to 99.99%
    *³ Up to 0.8kg

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