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9kg Cleaner, Smart Wash
Front Load Washing Machine NA-V90FA1WMY

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Cleaner, Smart Wash

Keeps your everyday wear clean with intelligent sensing technology together with hygiene solutions that ensure both your laundry and the tub remain hygienically clean.
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  • StainMaster+
  • Auto Gasket Clean & Auto Tub Clean
  • AI Smart Wash
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Simplified Laundry, Cleaner Clothes

Simplified Laundry, Cleaner Clothes
Simplify your washing process while ensuring cleaner clothes and automatic upkeep of tub and gasket cleanliness. Achieve consistently clean results with minimal effort, ensuring a hassle-free wash every time.

Removes Allergens & Mites with Hot Wash

Removes Allergens & Mites with Hot Wash
StainMaster+ technology effectively eliminates various stains, 99%*¹ of allergens, mites and 99.99%*² bacteria on fabrics with the ideal water temperature of 40ºC to 90ºC hot wash.

Lifts Stains Away with Fine Foam

The ActiveFoam System creates a fine and dense foam that penetrates deep into the fabric to easily lift dirt and mud stains for a cleaner wash.

Optimises Wash Results with AI Washing Machine

Optimises Wash Results with AI Washing Machine

Simply load your laundry and let the AI Smart Wash take care of the rest. The intelligent sensing technology delivers an optimised and efficient wash.


Intelligent Sensing Technology Sense, Adjust & Optimise

The intelligent sensing technology smartly optimises consumptions and washing performance by detecting laundry load and water temperature. It then automatically adjusts the water amount, washing time, and sets the optimal tumbling rotation, ensuring a clean and efficient wash.

Sleek & Stylish Design

Sleek & Stylish Design
Add a touch of style to your home with a sleek design and frameless flat glass lid featuring an easy-to-operate control panel. Experience the perfect addition to any living space, making laundry a stylish and enjoyable experience.

Guides for Better Washing Performance

Yes, StainMaster+ effectively eliminates tough stains like mud, food, and sebum on collars with 40ºC, the ideal temperature for removing stains while caring for fabrics. Simply choose from the StainMaster+ presets for easy stain removal.

Auto Gasket Clean uses two jet sprays to clean detergent residue and lint from the gasket, preventing debris accumulation and mould growth over time. It activates automatically and operates during every wash cycle without needing any user input.

There is no need for detergents, bleach, or other cleaning solutions. It utilises the water from the wash cycle to clean the gasket, so no extra water consumption is necessary.

Yes, both features can operate simultaneously without any issues.

Auto Gasket Clean requires the water supply during the wash cycle and does not operate independently.

It is another tub cleaning function for extra tub maintenance, using hot water at a temperature of 40°C. You can use this function every 100 washes to prevent black mould growth. Special detergent is required.


Photo of 9kg Cleaner, Smart Wash <br>Front Load Washing Machine NA-V90FA1WMY

Size and Weight


*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

  • 99.99%* Bacteria Elimination99.99%* Bacteria Elimination
  • Allergy CareAllergy Care
  • Easy Stain LiftingEasy Stain Lifting
  • Gasket CleaningGasket Cleaning
  • Tub CleaningTub Cleaning
  • Smart WashSmart Wash
  • Energy SavingEnergy Saving
  • Water SavingWater Saving
  • Time SavingTime Saving

Wash Capacity: 9kg

Removes Allergens & Mites with Hot Wash - StainMaster+

Auto Clean Tub & Gasket During Every Wash - AutoClean

Smartly Optimises Wash & Consumptions - AI Smart Wash

Intelligent Sensing Technology - 3Di Inverter

Loading Capacity

  • Washing Capacity (kg)

    • 9

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimension (W x D x H) mm

    • 596 x 645.7 x 845
  • Drum Dimension (Diameter x Depth) mm

    • 525 x 330
  • Door Inlet Diameter (mm)

    • 310
  • Net Weight (kg)

    • 69

Basic Specification

  • Spin Speed (RPM)

    • 1400
  • Voltage

    • 220-240V
  • Frequency

    • 50Hz
  • Body Colour

    • White
  • Control Panel

    • Slide touch/Touch toggle switch
  • LED Screen

    • Amber
  • 3D Sensor

    • Yes

Wash Features

  • AI Smart Wash

    • Yes

    • 3Di Inverter
  • StainMaster+

    • Yes
  • Active Foam

    • Yes
  • Active Speed Wash

    • Yes

Convenient Features

  • Child Lock

    • Yes
  • Auto Tub Clean

    • Yes
  • Auto Gasket Clean

    • Yes
  • Alpha Drum

    • Yes
  • Drain Pump

    • Yes


  • Necessity to Apply

    • Necessary
  • Applied Regulation

    • SIRIM
  • (MEPS) Energy Label

    • 5 stars
  • (WELS) Water Label

    • 3 stars
  • Noise (dB (A) re1pW)

    • -


  • Number of Programmes

    • 9
  • Daily Wash

    • Yes
  • Cotton

    • Yes
  • Baby Care

    • Yes
  • Active Speed 38

    • Yes
  • Rapid 15

    • -
  • Bedding

    • Yes
  • Delicates

    • Yes
  • Tub Hygiene

    • Yes
  • StainMaster+

    • Allergy
      • Yes
    • Collar/Sleeve
      • -
    • Oily Sauce
      • -
    • Mud
      • Yes


  • *1 Tested by Biostir Inc. Japan.
    *2 As certified by the Institute of Biotechnology (Vietnam/No: 050522/VCCM). Bacteria Elimination rate: 99.99% Escherichia coli 99.99%
    Staphylococcus aureus. Test conditions apply.
    *3 TESTING INSTITUTION: Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology/ *TESTING CONDITION: Program: Daily wash & No wash testing (with Auto Gasket Clean structure)/ *REPORT ISSUE DATE: 16th/Oct/2023/ *REPORT REFERENCE NO.: 161023.1/VCCM *Anti Mould Growth result: Aspergillus Niger mould does not grow for 3 days
    *4 TESTING INSTITUTION: Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology/ *TESTING CONDITION: Program: Auto Tub Clean is on, no washing/ *REPORT ISSUE DATE: 20th/May/2022/ *REPORT REFERENCE NO.: 050522/VCCM *Anti Mould Growth result: Aspergillus Niger mould does not grow for 3 days
    *5 Panasonic Corporation Internal Testing/ *TEST CONDITION: Cotton 40ºC with and without 3D sensor (5kg loading).
    *6 Panasonic Corporation Internal Testing/ *TEST CONDITIONS: Daily wash with ECONAVI program. Comparison between cotton fabric (loading 8.5kg /water temperature: <17ºC) and synthetic fabric (loading 1.5kg /water temperature: >35ºC). Test conducted based on IEC 60456 with the exception of water temperature.

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