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Healthy Everyday Recipes and Panasonic Cooking / Kitchen Appliances

Healthy Everyday - Cooking with Panasonic Malaysia

Healthy Everyday

Healthy Everyday represents the healthy lifestyle of being committed to consuming fresh and healthy meals.

It draws on the philosophy of consuming nutritiously balanced meals daily, with freshly sourced ingredients to achieve that well balanced diet.

The convenience of preparing good and healthy meals to share with family and friends has never been simpler. In addition, the habit of cooking healthy recipes and meal prep on a daily basis contributes to achieving a healthy diet, while preventing common diseases.

Healthy Everyday unites aspiration with kitchen appliance technology to satisfy a new desire for healthy food experiences. Whether it's a gastronomic recipe that uses frozen food or a quick culinary masterpiece for a simple meal plan, Healthy Everyday will demonstrate how healthy eating should be.

Healthy Cooking with Fresh Food Ingredients

Healthy Cooking

Products inspired by timeless Japanese cooking techniques and technologies – to create healthy and delicious home-made cuisine for the family using fresh ingredients.

Joyful Scratch Cooking - Kneading the Dough

Joyful Scratch Cooking

Innovative, easy-to-use products make creative cooking a fast and simple pleasure.

Delicious Sharing of Healthy Food with Friends

Delicious Sharing

Empowering people to share delicious home cooking and joyful social experiences.

Healthy Everyday Recipes

Enjoy more nutritious and delicious meals from our collection of healthy recipes. Easily achieve a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet by selecting a few of our carefully curated meal prep recipes, allowing you to save time especially when you're on-the-go.

Healthy Everyday Cooking Tips

Explore our healthy cooking tips to make your healthy and delicious meal plan easy.

Healthy Everyday Special Kitchen Appliances

Healthy Everyday with Refrigerator

Panasonic refrigerators keep ingredients fresher and simplify meal prep, so your everyday meals can be healthier! Our refrigerators are designed not just to extend the shelf life of food products, but also to aid in cooking preparation. PrimeFresh is a unique and useful feature, especially when dealing with frozen meat or other frozen food.

Here are a few tips for using the refrigerator to harness the natural goodness of food.

Panasonic Cooking Events

You can experience our cooking product in our Cooking workshops, Cooking LIVE demonstrations & events. Let’s join with your family and friends. 
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Seasonal Japanese Cuisine

Here are some Japanese recipes you can make easily using Panasonic kitchen appliances. Enjoy inspirational and healthy flavours with your family and close friends! 

Healthy Everyday Products

Discover our Kitchen Appliances technologies to make your healthy meal plan efficient and effortless.