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Healthy Everyday Recipes

Healthy Everyday Recipes

Planning healthy and balanced diet meals has never been more effortless.

Chicken and Mango Canapés

These party-sized chicken and mango bites served in wonton skin cups look as good as they taste! They are tangy and full of protein, vitamins and minerals.
> Learn more

Mixed Fruit Parfait with Fruit “Magic Wands”

A deliciously healthy parfait makes for a great breakfast. Magic wands filled with a medley of fresh fruits gives this a fun twist. It’s an enjoyable treat for everyone.
> Learn more

Chicken and Jackfruit Salad

For a refreshing change, tuck into a tangy salad of shredded chicken with pomelo, jackfruit and tomato in a light sweet and sour sauce. With fried shallots giving a crunchy texture, it's a recipe that's bursting with flavour.
Shredded chicken salad with pomelo, jackfruit and tomato in a light sweet and sour sauce.
> Learn more

Chocolate Brownie

A classic chocolate brownie with a touch of espresso and vanilla ice cream on the side for dessert that warms the soul.
Chocolate infused brownie with vanilla ice cream.
> Learn more

Honey Soy Chicken Wings

Grill these zesty honey and soy sauce marinated chicken wings using a convection oven to retain juiciness. A healthy and delicious way to grill.
Grilled honey and soy sauce marinated chicken wings with a touch of zest.
> Learn more

Black Olive Fried Rice

Simple and tasty, this fried rice with fermented black olives, minced chicken, black pepper and cashew nuts, is a hearty meal that can easily be whipped up with leftover rice.
Classic fried rice with fermented black olives, minced chicken, black pepper and cashews nuts.
> Learn more

Green Papaya Salad

Bite into this refreshing and spicy papaya salad with shrimp, tomatoes, long beans and peanuts, as a starter that whets the appetite.
Refreshing spicy papaya salad with shrimp, tomatoes, long beans and peanuts.
> Learn more

Poached Pear

Create this sophisticated dessert of poached pear in red wine, infused with vanilla, just using a rice cooker! So simple and delightful when served on a platter with vanilla ice cream.
Pear poached in red wine and infused with vanilla.
> Learn more

Sweet and Sour Fish Soup

A savoury and hearty fish soup, this Vietnamese version has catfish, luffa, pineapple, sawtooth herb, rice paddy herb, tamarind and fish sauce for a tangy kick.
Catfish, luffa, pineapple, sawtooth herb and rice paddy herb in authentic Vietnamese sauce.
> Learn more

Es Cendol

This icy cold sweet palm sugar and coconut cream with red beans and cendol treat is a welcome dessert on hot days. Use a microwave to melt the palm sugar, adding it as desired to the cendol.
Sweet palm sugar and coconut cream with red beans and cendol.
> Learn more

Chocolate Mousse

Whip up this chocolate mousse, refrigerate for at least an hour, and top with whipped cream and grated chocolate just before serving. Make this delicious sweet treat to impress any chocolate lover.
> Learn more

Nasi Goreng

Leftover rice is perfect for nasi goreng! This spicy version with a dash of belacan can be served with chicken satay, fried egg, tomato and cucumber slices and crackers for a satisfying meal.
Leftover rice fried with classic bumbu paste, served with satay, fried chicken, egg, vegetables and traditional crackers.
> Learn more

Roast Chicken with Honey Glaze

Gather family and friends around for a festive dinner with this succulent honey roast chicken, served with roasted baby carrots, turnips, potatoes, and brussel sprouts. An Inverter Steam Grill Microwave Oven makes it easy to cook this festive dish to perfection.
Oven-roasted chicken with honey glaze, thyme and festive vegetables.
> Learn more

Popcorn Chicken

Both kids and adults love this crunchy yet succulent snack! A no-fail recipe for finger food that's welcome at parties or home movies, you can pop this in the Cubie and cook up a delicious snack in no time!
> Learn more

Tuna Croquette

Need to whip up a party dish quick and easy? The easy-to-make savoury tuna croquette is crunchy on the outside and fragrantly satisfying on the inside.
> Learn more

Healthy Fried Snapper

If you love fried dishes but would rather have a healthier way to have your fish, the Cubie oven makes it a snap to have delicious air-fried snapper.
> Learn more

Five Spice Wings

These chicken wings with a five spice twist is a flavourful edition of a favourite appetiser. Savoury and satisfying, the Cubie makes this a breeze to serve up.
> Learn more

Loh Bak Penang

Delicious and simple, making this Penang snack or appetiser is easy with the Cubie oven. Whether as a party snack or a tea time dish, this handy recipe is definitely a people-pleaser.
> Learn more

Rendang Ayam & Ketupat Nasi

A classic favourite during the festive Raya season, this hearty dish never fails to bring everyone to the table in anticipation. A versatile dish that can be served with rice or bread as sides, this easy version makes the perfect meal as a main or supper snack.
> Learn more

Yam Layered Kuih

Simple ingredients of yam and coconut milk combine for a tasty Raya dessert that is appealing to the eyes. Its classic flavour and pretty purple hue makes the yam layered kuih a family and guest favourite.
> Learn more

Crabs and Pineapples in Coconut Milk

A blend of natural sweetness from pineapples with chilies bring out the brininess of crab in this easily put-together recipe. Rich coconut milk brings it all together with spices like cumin and corriander for an unforgettable, tasty sauce.
> Learn more

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