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Healthy Everyday with Refrigerator

Sea Bream Carpaccio - Healthy Everyday with Refrigerator

Healthy Everyday with Refrigerator

PrimeFresh Soft Freezing of Chicken, Fish, Seafood and Meat

7 Days Freshness with PrimeFresh

PrimeFresh -3°C soft freezing keeps food fresh longer and retains nutrients. Also, there's no need to defrost frozen meat, fish or other frozen food, so less time is needed for meal prep ideas. If you're keen on preparing a quick, healthy dinner straight from work, there's no need to wait hours just to defrost chicken or any meat of choice. You and your family can enjoy 7 days of valuable moments through freshly home-cooked meals!

Retain freshness and nutrients of fish and meat

PrimeFresh helps maintain the freshness of whole fish. There's no need to prepare the fish at one time, as it can be used gradually within 4 to 7 days.

Fresh Whole Fish
Slice fish easily

PrimeFresh soft freezes the fish, making it easy to cut cleanly. PrimeFresh also helps maintain freshness by preventing oxidation.

Sliced Fresh Fish
Easily Scoop out soft frozen soups and sauces

With PrimeFresh, a large batch of homemade soup or sauces can be stored and used gradually without defrosting. Just easily scoop out only the portion that is needed each time. Soft freezing makes everyday dishes preparation easy and quick.

Soft Frozen Soup
Enhance flavours

PrimeFresh quickly enhances seasoned ingredients for fuller flavours, so that you can use less salt, pepper, sugar and other seasonings.

Home-Baked Loaf
Extra Hygienic Storage of Vegetables with nanoe™ Technology

Extra hygienic storage with nanoe™ technology

nanoe technology deodorizes and inhibits bacteria in the refrigerator. It also retains freshness to keep foods fresh and clean.

Keep vegetables fresh

nanoe and Moisture Control Filter keep leafy vegetables fresh, juicy and crisp longer.

Green Leafy Vegetables
Retain nutrients

nanoe raises the concentrations of various nutrients in some produce, such as vitamin A in carrots and polyphenols in spinach. nanoe also increases the natural sweetness of strawberries.

Nutritious Spinach and Strawberries
Keep fruits and vegetables clean

nanoe floats off any waxy coating or agricultural chemicals on the surface of lemons, so they can be easily be washed off with water.

Clean Lemon in Water

Refrigerator Products

Live that healthy lifestyle starting at your own kitchen! Built with advance Japanese technology, Panasonic's refrigerators not only have aesthetically pleasing designs, but these also provide top of the range functionality and enhance energy-saving capacity. Choose a Panasonic refrigerator that keeps your food clean and fresh today!