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Creamy broad bean soup with Japanese dashi

Creamy broad bean soup with Japanese dashi

Healthy Point

This soup is thick and creamy with the savoury flavour of broad beans. Low in fat and high in good-quality protein, broad beans are the ideal food to fill up on.

Creamy broad bean soup with Japanese dashi

25 minutes


118 kcal per serving


Ingredients (Serves two pax)


• 160 g broad beans
• 10 canola flowers
• 2 pieces of dried fu (Japanese wheat-gluten bread)
• carrot
• watermelon radish
• 40 ml shiro-dashi (Japanese dashi)
• 400 ml water
• pinch of katakuriko (Japanese vegetable starch powder)

Ingredient substitutions

fu → bread;
watermelon radish → red turnip;
shiro-dashi → chicken stock


1. Shell and boil the broad beans. Remove the skin once it’s cooled.

2. Parboil the canola flowers. Soak fu in warm water, then drain. Slice the carrot and watermelon radish, parboil them, and cut them into preferable shapes.

3. Put the beans from Step 1 into the blender, add shiro-dashi and water. Blend until smooth.

4. Transfer the mixture to a saucepan and turn on the heat to medium. When it comes to a simmer, turn down the heat. Add a mix of katakuriko with a small amount of water, stirring the soup with a spatula.

5. Bring the heat back up to medium, and heat the soup steadily for about 90 seconds until it thickens, then turn off the heat.

6. Pour the soup into bowls and garnish with the ingredients from Step 2.

Fine blend, smooth texture. 

• Smooth blending with a serrated cutter 
• Simple centralized On/Off switch

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Fine blend, smooth texture.