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Photo of Table Top Dishwasher NP-TR8HQMY

Table Top Dishwasher NP-TR8HQMY

Voltage 240V
Frequency 50Hz
Dimension (W X D X H) 550 x 347 x 564 (mm)
Nozzles 4 sets of nozzles (3 sets of rotary nozzles + 1 set of nozzles on the internet wall)
Standard storage capacity 45 items
(Large plates x6 Glasses x6 Medium plates x3 Small plates x12 Small bowls (Rice bowl) x6
Large bowls (soup bowl) x6 Small items (chopsticks, spoon, forks)
Water consumption Approx. 11L (standard washing program)
Power consumption Washing motor (during washing: 70W, heating: 1100W, maximum power consumption: 1170W)
Net weight Approx. 20kg
Tap water pressure 0.03 - 1MPa
Washing method Rotary nozzle spray and fixed nozzle spray
Rinsing method (standard program) Turbo rinse/spray rinse
Drying method Forced exhaust drying/drying after hot rinse
Standard quantity of special detergent Approx. 10g
Sterilization method High-temperature sterilization
Reserve 4h
Control display LED Light
Smart control Door-closing detector