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Photo of Rice Cooker / Steamer SR-Y22FGJLSK/RSK

Rice Cooker / Steamer SR-Y22FGJLSK/RSK

Capacity 2.2L
Power Supply 240V
Keep Warm 5h
Pan Type Non Stick Coated Pan
Lid Full Glass
Lid Knobe Black Round
Side Handle Type Rectangle – Black with Hole
Foot Black
Power Consumption Cooking 730W
Cooking Capacity White Rice 1 - 12 cups
Porridge 1 - 2.5 cups
Nasi Lemak -
Sushi Rice -
Brown Rice -
Sticky Rice -
Accessories Cooking Plate No
Scoop Ordinary
Measuring Cup Yes
Steam Plate No
Steam Basket Yes
2 Way Pan Yes
Weight 3.66 kg
Colour Burgundy / Silver