LUMIX Ambassador - Geza Savari

LUMIX Ambassadors

Geza Sarvari

| CITY | Debrecen | COUNTRY | Hungary

"Ever since I got my LUMIX, I haven't touched my DSLR."

Hungarian born photographer Geza Sarvari has been taking pictures since the age of 7. Trained as a photojournalist, he was first published in the late '90s both in print and online media.

He has been working in Hungary, the UK and China. His collaboration with Panasonic began in Shanghai, where he has been living for over a year.

Always looking for new forms of expression, his spontaneous improvisational approach helps him to catch the perfect moment. He loves documentary and travel photography, portraits and architecture. His other passion is music: he can play many instruments and has been gigging live for over 20 years.

Style of Photography/Videography

 |  Nature |  Architecture |  Wildlife |  Sport |  People |  Fashion |  Travel |  Macro |  Documentary |  Commercial |