LUMIX Ambassadors

LUMIX Ambassadors

Viviana Galletta

| CITY | Essen | COUNTRY | Germany

"Thanks to the compactness and small weight of the LUMIX cameras, I can fully concentrate on my shooting and always have one hand free. Also for holidays they are perfect as they fit into every handbag and I can photograph people in the streets without them noticing it. I always have my camera with me."

Viviana Galletta worked herself as a model until she discovered her passion for photography. Thanks to a befriended photographre she learnd all photography basics within a few weeks and elaborates them step by step. She started with portrait and people photography and realized quickly that she wanted to focus on fashion photography. With her modelling experience she knwos the industy very well and works together with a makeup artist and stylist. Viviana has a clear vison of what she want to create and has high targets for the future to work internationally in the fashion industry. Next to fashion Viviana loves to document people and their lives during travels.  

Style of Photography/Videography

 |   Nature  |   Architecture  |   Wildlife  |   Sport  |   People  |   Fashion  |   Travel  |   Macro  |   Documentary  |   Commercial  |