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Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Cocolo MC-CL240DV47


Ultra-Lightweight Bagless Canister Vacuum

• 1400 W Input Power
• 350 W Suction Power
• Compact desgin
• Blower Function



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Ultra-Lightweight, Portable Design

With ergonomic handle on the body, the vacuum can easily be carried up and down stairs or comfortably held for above-floor cleaning.

Power-saving eco-conscious design.

But higher-power suction motor sucks dust steadily and quickly.

Blower Function

Snap the hose to the blower port and you have a simple way to blow off dirt from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies or collect it for non-vacuum cleaning.

Easily Removable Dust Container

Twin Cyclone Type dust collection.

Two swirling airflows are generated in the dust compartment, ensuring air passage to prevent clogging. Compact, yet the unit contains a large dust compartment.


Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Cocolo MC-CL240DV47
High Cleaning Performance, & Energy Saving
Light Weight
User Friendly

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