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Photo of KY-C227B
General Information Top Plate Color Black
Power Supply Single phase 240V, 50Hz
Power Consumption*sup1/sup Left IH: 2,600W
Right IH: 2,600W*2
Count-up Timer 1 second to 1 hour
Dimensions (W x D x H) 749 x 450 x 108mm
Weight 12.0kg
Standby Electricity Material Crystallized glass
Cooking Ring Yes
Top Plate Operation Touch Panel
IH HIgh-Temparature Caution light 2
Maximum Heating 2,600W*3
Heat Adjustment 9-Level adjustment
120W to 2,600W
Heating Efficiency*sup4/sup 90%
Congee Program Yes
Digital Timer 1 minute to 9 hours 30 minutes
NOTE *1 The indicated rating includes 40W for the motor etc.
*2 If IH heaters are turned on simultaneously.
The Max. power of the IH heaters will be adjusted automatically to keep in the total power.
Heat level of the IH heaters will be adjustable automatically to keep the total power.
If you attempt to select heat level [9], you will hear a buzzer and the power will remain unchanged.
*3 Only for boiling water.
*4 Heating efficiency measurements were taken based on standards of the Japan Electrical Manufacturer&s Association and using a Panasonic standard enamelled iron pot. (Panasonic in-house data).
* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.