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Photo of Cordless LED Floodlight EY37C3B57

Cordless LED Floodlight EY37C3B57

Voltage 18 / 14.4V
Weight (excl. battery pack) 610 g
Size (L x H x W) 125 mm x 312 mm x 96 mm (when handle and 2 lighting panels are folded together vertically)
Light flux Approx. 1,500 lumens
Brightness Approx. 3,000 lux (at 40 cm ahead)
Lighting mode 3-mode brightness adjustment (High for 100% capacity, Medium for approx. 50% and Low for approx. 10%)
Lighting angle* Panel vertical opening angle 0° to 90° (15°-intervals, 7 ratcheting points), rotation angle 0° to 270° (continuous without stepping)
Handle rotation angle 0° to 360° (22.5°-interval, 17 ratcheting points)
* Note: There are rotation stoppers on the unit. Do not rotate the lighting panel forcibly beyond the stopper.