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The Panasonic PT-DX810ES is a high performance fixed installation Projector that has a unique optical engine which produces a full 8,200 lumens of brightness and stunning high quality images. This combines with a host of terminals and advanced management functions to provide high reliability and hassle free maintenance. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, from education and business to stage performance, the Panasonic PT-DX810ES is Silver and Black is available upon request.

A Bright 8,200 lm from a Compact Body

The new Lamp drive system has helped to make the body compact while providing high brightness of 8,200 lm for the PT- DX810.

RGB Booster Significantly Improves Colour Reproduction

The RGB Booster achieves high image quality with levels of colour reproduction and brightness that make each colour stand out. It combines Panasonic's proprietary Vivid Colour Control technology with a newly engineered Lamp Modulation Drive System for a 1-chip DLP™ Projector that produces bright and vivid colours.

Vivid Colour Control

This unique control technology optimises the use of the colour segment areas of the colour wheel. It increases the brightness of each RGB colour by minimising the unallocated portions between the colours, to achieve truly vivid colouring.

Lamp Modulation Drive System

With the advanced Lamp Modulation technology, the Projector is able to control the Lamp intensity for each of the red, green, blue, and white segments of the colour wheel separately. Because the actual light output is controlled in relation to each colour segment, light usage is optimised and colour balance is obtained without lowering the brightness. This results in bright vivid images with increased colour fidelity.

Detail Clarity Processor Brings Depth and Clarity to Details

Detail Clarity Processor Brings Depth and Clarity to Details

This advanced image-processing circuit analyses the video signal frequency range for each scene by extracting data on the distribution of high, mid, and low frequency components, and brings out fine details accordingly. The resulting images have a more natural, three-dimensional appearance with crisp, clear detail.

System Daylight View 2 for Enhanced Colour Perception

System Daylight View 2 for Enhanced Colour Perception

Image details are less clear when a Projector is used in a room with the lights on. Panasonic's System Daylight View 2 improves brightness perception by adjusting sharpness, gamma curves, and colour corrections.

This produces crisper, more stunning images with vivid colours even under bright conditions.

Dual Lamp System Prevents Image Interruptions

The Dual Lamp System eliminates the need to interrupt a presentation if a Lamp should burn out (in Dual Lamp operation mode). The Lamp Relay mode also operates the Lamps alternately to enable 24/7 Projector operation.

Easy Replacement of Filter and Lamp

An Eco Filter is replaced from the side and Lamps are replaced from the back panel. Both of them are replaced very easily even after the Projector is installed on the ceiling.

DICOM Simulation Mode

DICOM Simulation Mode

This imaging mode is similar to DICOM Part 14, which is a medical imaging standard.

It reproduces X-ray images with remarkable clarity.1

Eco Filter that Needs No Maintenance for up to 12,000 Hours

Eco Filter that Needs No Maintenance for up to 12,000 Hours

The original Eco Filter consists of two Micro Cut Filters (electrostatic filters), a Pre-Filter and a Main Filter, which use an ion effect to collect extremely small dust particles.

The Pre-Filter has a honeycomb configuration and the Main Filter is pleated to achieve a large surface area that raises its dust collecting performance.

Thanks to these features, the Eco Filter has a replacement cycle of up to 12,000 hours², which reduces the hassle of maintenance. And, as an environmental consideration, the Filter can be washed with water and reused.3

Flexible Installation

Flexible Installation

The wide adjustment range of the powered horizontal / vertical lens shift function assures convenience and versatility during installation. It lets you easily make adjustments with the Remote Control.

The unit can also be rotated 360 degrees vertically.

This means you can install it at any angle you want, to accommodate different installation conditions.

A Wide Range of Optional Lenses

Choose from a wide line up of optional Lenses for your system, including Short Throw, Long Throw Zoom and Fixed Throw Lenses for rear projection use.

The additional Lenses make it easy to adapt your Projector to the installation site. The Lenses attach and detach with one-touch ease.

Lens-Centered Design

A lens-centered, symmetrical design provides ease of installation, eliminating the need for any special considerations when planning the installation site.

Multi-Screen Support System Seamlessly Connects Multiple Screens

Multi-Screen Support System Seamlessly Connects Multiple Screens

The Multi-Screen Support System optimally adjusts multiple screens: Edge Blending, Colour Matching and Multi-Screen Processor.

Edge Blending
The edges of adjacent screens can be blended and their luminance controlled.

Colour Matching
This function corrects for slight variations in the colour reproduction range of individual Projectors.

Multi-Screen Processor
The PT-DX810ES can project large, multi-screen images without any additional equipment. Up to 100 units (10 x 10) can be edge-blended at a time.

Side-by-Side Function

Side-by-Side Function

The PT-DX810ES can simultaneously display images from two sources onto a single screen⁴. For example, you can display a PC image on the left and a video image on the right. Taking advantage of the wide-screen projection, this function gives you a host of new application possibilities to explore.

Versatile System Configurations Match a Variety of Applications

The wide ranging terminals include 2 sets of RGB inputs (compatible with Y/PB/PR signals), an HDMI input, and a DVI-D input. A serial input/output terminal (RS-232C compliant) that allows remote operation from a PC, similar to that of a wireless Remote Control, and a remote terminal for input switching by contact control and standby ON/OFF operation also make it possible to configure a remote operation system.

Easy Remote Monitoring and Control Over a LAN

Easy Remote Monitoring and Control Over a LAN

Web browser on a Computer connected through a wired LAN system lets you remotely operate Projectors and check their status.

An e-mail messaging function can also notify you when a Lamp needs replacement, and indicate the overall Projector status.

Crestron RoomView™ and AMX Device Discovery

The LAN terminal allows a Computer connected to the network to use Crestron RoomView™ application software to manage and control system devices. Besides, The AMX Device Discovery technology is built into the PT-DX810ES.

¹ This product is not a medical instrument. Do not use it for actual medical diagnosis.
² The usage environment affects the duration of the Filter.
³ When washing with water, please follow the procedures listed in the operating instructions. Also, we recommend replacing the Filter with a new one after it has been washed and reused twice. If the Filter is not sufficiently clean after washing, replace it with a new one.
⁴ This function is not effective for some source combinations.

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