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Panasonic IP Intercom Room Monitor VL-MC3000BX

Panasonic IP Intercom
Room Monitor VL-MC3000BX

1. Basic information

• Dimension: 200mm*140mm*15.9mm
• Color: Black with silver bottom border
• Material: PMMA
• Operation: Touch screen
• Installation: 86box, surface mount with magnet

Panasonic IP Intercom  Room Monitor VL-MC3000BX

2. Functions

• Video intercom: video communication, remote unlock
• Home to home intercom: call resident in the same community
• Alarm zone: build-in alarm zone function, have 3 mode (Home, Outside, Undo)
• Call center: call and send SOS message to guard station
• Leave message: view audio message leave by visitor
• Surveillance: surveil authorized outdoor station
• Elevator control: call elevator, control elevator (3rd Party Option)
• Second doorbell
• Time synchronized: device time can synchronize from center (guard unit) automatically
• Blacklist: you can add some numbers to blacklist and manage
• Screen Clean function: you can use this function when cleaning the screen, the screen will be lock 60S
• Vandal-resistant: If someone move the device, device will send alarm information to guard unit and software management
• Un-lock remotely /open door remotely
• Don’t disturb mode: you will receive the call, but without ring volume.


• Working Voltage: DC12-24V ±10%
• Max consumption: ≤5.5W             
• Standby power consumption: ≤1.7W
• Working Temp: -25℃~55℃         
• Network: 10M/100M Auto                                       
• Operation system: Linux       
• RAM: 64MB(512Mbit)                         
• Flash: 16MB(128Mbit)
• Touch screen: 7 inch                 
• Resolution: 1024*600
• Video format: 720P                 
• Protocol: TCP/IP
• IP grade: IP30

Spec & Function is subject to change without notice