Basic Remote Controller ON/OFF

• Operation mode changeover (cooling, heating, dry, auto, fan)
• Temperature setting (Cooling/Dry: 18 – 30 deg, Heating: 16-30 deg)
• Fan speed setting: high, medium, low and auto
• Air flow direction adjustment


• Days of the week and 24 hour clock are displayable.
• Weekly Programme Function allows programming of max. 6 settings/day and 42 settings/week.
• The Outing Function prevents the room temperature from dropping or rising when the occupants are out for a long time.
• The Sleeping Function controls the room temperature for comfortable sleeping.

Key Features

• Built in temperature sensor
• Max. 8 indoor units can be controlled from one remote controller
• Remote control by main remote controller and sub controller is possible.

*Max. 2 remote controllers (main remote controller and sub controller can be installed for one indoor unit.


Weekly Programme Function
Built in Temperature Sensor
Maximum 8 Indoor Units Can Be Controlled From One Remote Controller


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Operating Instructions
CZ-RT3C Operating Inst
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