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Photo of EY74A2X57 14.4V Dual Drill & Driver (Skin)

EY74A2X57 14.4V Dual Drill & Driver (Skin)

Max. Torque 28.0 N-m Stalling torque, 40.0 N-m Instand torque
Speed at No Load Low 30-400 min-1 (rpm)
High 70-,1350 min-1 (rpm)
Clutch Torque 0.5-4.4 Nm (0.23 Nm per stage, total 18 stage)
Charging Time (using EY0L82B charger) Usable 50 minutes
Full 60 minutes
Size (LxHxW) 178mm x 242mm x 68mm
Max. Drill Diameter In Wood ᴓ35 mm
In Metal ᴓ13 mm
Max. Screws Driving Wood screw ᴓ6.8 mm
Self-drilling screw ᴓ6 mm
NOTE * Battery pack and charger not included for EY74A2X57