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Action and Reaction with Twin Camera T

Action and Reaction with Twin Camera T

Using the Twin Camera T, you can capture the scene in front of you and your family's priceless expressions.


Twin Camera™ Function

The W850 Series includes a rotatable sub camera.
Parallel 2-system processing with the Crystal Engine PRO+ lets you shoot from the side or rear at the same time.
You can catch a shot of someone at the side, a self portrait, or both a tele and wide-angle shot from the front.
The sub camera records into a sub window, which can be moved by dragging & dropping, and changed into either of two sizes.


Sub Camera

• Rotatable and Retractable
• 37.2mm Wide-Angle


As you shoot, video for the sub and main camera is recorded as a single data set.
Editing is not necessary.


While shooting, using simple touch control, you can move the location of the sub camera image or hide it.


Main Scene and Yourself

Using the Twin Camera, you can shoot a scene and, using the sub camera, include video of yourself. To make lasting memories, put yourself in any family scene.
Adding your commentary is one of many creative possibilities available with this versatile camera.



Main Scene and Person at the Side

With a single camera, at the same time, you can shoot both what is in front of the camera and at the side. At the zoo, in the main Twin Camera main frame you can capture lion cubs frolicking while, with from the sub-camera shooting to the side, the sub-frame shows the watching expressions of your child. Now you can more than double the pleasure of family video.



Tele and Wide

Using the Twin Camera, you can zoom in with the main camera and, with the sub camera, extensively show the surroundings.
Capture your child’s smile in a close-up while at the same time provide a vivid depiction of the setting.