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Capture every moment without missing one

Capture every moment without missing one

The Remote Pan Tilt Cradle allows you to be part of the action while it records all the fun.


Now, using the Remote Pan Tilt Cradle, it’s easy to shoot wedding receptions and parties, and still enjoy the fun.
In Party Scene mode, the camera uses face recognition to automatically record the smiles of families and friends.
You can also vary the shooting angle by remote control.



Do you wonder what your pet does while you are out?
In Moving Object mode, the Remote Pan Tilt Cradle will track your pet while the camera automatically records its activities.
You can see live footage on your smartphone.
Smooth automatic zoom also lets you see close ups.


How to Use

Connect the Remote Pan Tilt Cradle to the camcorder using a USB cable.
The Remote Pan Tilt Cradle can operate on AC power using the AC adaptor, and also on LR6/AA alkaline dry batteries or HR6/AA rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries for outdoor use.
You can operate the Remote Pan Tilt Cradle directly from the camcorder, or remotely using Panasonic Image App.


Pan ±180° and Tilt ±15°

Pan and tilt is controlled via the connected camcorder.
For automatic shooting, you can also set the angle and speed.
You can control the sweep of the camera depending on the panning range you want.
Four settings are available:±180°,±90°,±45° and stationary.


The Panasonic Image App enables you to remotely control the Remote Pan Tilt Cradle while viewing a live feed on your smartphone or tablet. Once the camcorder is secured on the cradle, you can zoom in and out, and horizontally and vertically adjust where the lens pointing. Even at a distance, it’s easy to frame shots just how you want them.