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Main Parts and Controls

Main Parts and Controls

Main Parts and Controls

1. Status indicator

2. Camera ON/OFF button

3. Lens fitting mark

4. Fn button (Fn4)

5. Front tally lamp

6. Fn button (Fn2)

7. Lens lock pin

8. Lens release button

9. Fn button (Fn3)

Main Parts and Controls

10. Rear tally lamp

11. [MIC] terminal

12. Headphone terminal

13. [LAN] terminal

14. Security Slot

15. Cable lock band attachment part

16. Battery release button

17. [SDI OUT] terminal

18. [TC IN/OUT] terminal

19. [GENLOCK IN] terminal

20. [USB] terminal

21. [HDMI] terminal

22. Battery attachment part

Main Parts and Controls

23. Video rec. button

24. Control dial

25. [MENU/SET] button

26. Cursor buttons

27. Delete button / Cancel button

28. [NETWORK] connection lamp

29. Hot shoe

30. Stereo microphone

31. Fn button (Fn1)

32. [Q.MENU] button

33. Playback button

Main Parts and Controls

34. [REMOTE] terminal

35. Card slot 1

36. Card access light 1

37. Card slot 2

38. Card access light 2

39. Card door release lever

40. [DC IN 12V] terminal

41. Fan outlet

Main Parts and Controls

42. Fan inlet

Main Parts and Controls

43. Tripod mount

There are a total of 11 places for the tripod mount wherein there are 3 on the top, the right and the left and 2 on the bottom.

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