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"The Soul of New Orleans, the Soul of a LUMIX"

By Joseph Linaschke



"New Orleans is without a doubt one of the best cities in the world for street photography. An abundance of colour, history, and amazing, welcoming people make for incredible photographic opportunities. The LUMIX GX85 is the ultimate travel and street photographer's camera, providing professional-level power in a lightweight, compact, and non-intimidating form, and New Orleans was the ultimate city to explore with this new camera."



Comfort Without Compromise

"In my experience, bigger, bulkier cameras are hard to maneuver on the go and
tend to scare people away. Having a compact camera made it easier for me to
get up close and personal with the street musicians and artists that make New
Orleans so unique.

Even with multiple lenses, the GX85's compact size also made it easy to carry all
day, and it wasn't intrusive when shooting street portraits."

Comfort Without Compromise

Focus on Sharper Shots

"Unsurprisingly, the camera performed beautifully.

One of my favourite features from the GX85 – or lack thereof – was the absence
of an anti-aliasing filter. This made for some of the sharpest photos I’ve ever
seen, and the in-camera JPEGs were universally gorgeous.

Typically, when I’m shooting travel and street photography, I don’t want to think
about post-processing later, so getting a perfect JPEG out of the camera is my
goal. I had no problem doing that with the GX85."

Focus on Sharper Shots

My Final Thoughts

"In my honest opinion, the Panasonic LUMIX GX85 is the ultimate travel and
street photographer’s camera, providing professional-level power in a
lightweight, compact, and non-intimidating form.

Likewise, New Orleans was the ultimate city to explore with this new camera.

Check out more shots from my tour of New Orleans and read more about my
background below."

My Final Thoughts




“PhotoJoseph” Linaschke is a Photographic Storyteller, Educator, and the
PhotoApps.Expert — he's been shooting since the age of seven, teaching and
presenting on stage to audiences around the globe for over 20 years, and in
2010 launched what quickly became the world’s number one Apple Aperture
resource, which has now evolved into PhotoApps.Expert.

Following an eight-year tenure at Apple as the lead presenter, producer and
photographer for the Professional Applications Division, he stepped out on his
own in 2009 to pursue all things photography. Today you can find Joseph
shooting still and video productions for clients ranging from global corporations
and international rock stars to local restaurants and hotels in his home town of
Ashland, Oregon… speaking to schools and educators around the world on
integrating photography and digital storytelling into the classroom,  turning
the camera into a powerful learning tool… and teaching workshops on
photography in person and online on lynda.com

Joseph leads multiple identities online; as a photographer, visit
PhotoJoseph.com and follow @photojoseph on twitter and Instagram. For
PhotoApps.Expert, follow @PhotoAppsExpert. You can also view a summary of
all of Joseph’s projects and identities at Joseph.info.


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