Post Focus Simulation

A Unique LUMIX Feature*

Easy and fun to use, LUMIX’s exciting new Post Focus function lets photographers shoot first and focus later.

This cool new function is available via a free firmware download on LUMIX’s GX85, GX8, G7 and FZ300 cameras**. After installing the Post Focus firmware, photographers simply select Post Focus mode in their camera settings and shoot images without worrying about focus points. When shots are ready to be reviewed, users select whichever part of the image they would like to be in-focus during playback, and save it as a separate image. The process can be repeated for multiple shots, all with different focal points and perspectives.

CLICK HERE to read more about this exclusive LUMIX feature* or try out our Post Focus simulation below to see for yourself!

* As per June 2016.
**Models as per June 2016.