ECONAVI Super Alleru-buster Dehumidifier (27L)

Panasonic’s F-YCL27N dehumidifier features ECONAVI, a Super Alleru-buster filter, and an intelligent dryness monitoring system, to create a healthy and comfortable living environment in your home.




Super Alleru-Buster Filter For Pure, Alergen-Free Air

The F-YCL27N's filter is equipped with an anti-bacteria enzyme which inactivates allergens, and keeps your home free of bacteria and mould.

ECONAVI MODE Saves Energy and Power

Revolutionary ECONAVI technology means the F-YCL27N only switches on when needed, maximising energy efficiency and reducing your power bill.

Intelligent Design Makes Drying a Breeze

Easily monitor the dryness of clothes with the intelligent monitoring system.
Quickly check the humidity, full-tank and alert indicators on the display panel.

Huge 27 Litre Capacity

The F-YCL27N has a 5L tank and is capable of draining a massive 27L in a 24 hour period. It also has the capability to continuously drain for up to 24 hours. For extra peace of mind, this dehumidifier comes with an autostop function giving you extra control over your energy usage.


Dehumidifying Capacity: 27 Litres/Day
Econavi and Super Alleru-Buster filter
5.0 Water Tank


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Operating Instructions
F-YCL27N Dehumidifier Operating Instructions
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