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The family feeder

A double door fridge can transform your family food routine if you organise it well

A well-run fridge is key to a happy family. Learn how one mother organises her fridge — plus our tips for
even smarter food storage. My name is Gek — and this is the four-door fridge I couldn’t live without.
Like many Asian families, an average meal can include grandparents, uncles and aunts who pop by for
Sunday lunch, my three children and even their friends. The more the merrier!

Inside my fridge: something for everyone
Before: many people are unsure of how to organise their personal refrigerator. After: make use of the space in a double door fridge to organise your food containers.

I need a fridge that can help me — and definitely not a small fridge.

As you can probably see from the photo, I keep chocolate bars on upper levels — so that my little
sweet-toothed toddler can’t grab them! I like how the Prime Fresh Freezing section keeps meat and
fish fresh for a week! And the fact that the fridge’s advanced Ag Clean filter deactivates 99.9 percent
of mould and bacteria is brilliant. I love that an active enzyme neutralises unpleasant odours too.

I try to keep tinned food in the fridge only after it has been opened; otherwise it takes up too much
space. It’s great that the fridge dimensions are so large, because my family has a big appetite!

Learn how to organise your fridge

We’re glad that your fridge keeps you and your family happy, Gek! Check out our tips below,
and your food routine can become happier still.

Whatever your fridge size, organising your food containers will help efficiency

Store meat in the Prime Fresh Freezing section. Its minus-three degrees Celsius temperature ensures your meat and fish stay fresh for seven days. And unlike regular freezing, soft freezing doesn’t leech flavour and nutrients from meat. Better still, the soft freeze means you can easily cut meats without waiting for it to defrost.

Sub-divide your fruit and vegetables so they keep better. Here’s a nifty way to use the two-layer vegetable case. Store your delicate, smaller fruits and veg in the upper case. Meanwhile your bulkier leafy veggies can go in the bottom. Having all fruit beautifully gathered together at the top section should also make it more likely your kids opt for a fruit-filled breakfast!

There were a lot of open cans in your fridge. It’s best to transfer leftovers to an airtight food container, so they don’t spoil. Meanwhile your lovely rainbow cake should go under a glass dome, otherwise it will dry out.

We noticed your eggs and milk were stuffed in the vegetable section, which kept the drawer from closing. It’s best to keep all eggs in the door section so they can be secure.

We’ve put your healthy snacks front and centre to encourage better snacking habits. It’s also a good idea to add food labels to various containers. Labelling your food means you don’t waste time opening containers needlessly.

If you don’t plan to use the meat you purchased soon after you buy it, it can go into the spacious jumbo freezer.

This energy-efficient fridge is perfect for a large family

Inside the four-door fridge

• The Fresh Safe Vegetable case prevents moisture from escaping so your veggies stay fresh for longer. Plus, a handy manual humidity control lets you adjust humidity to suit the amount of veggies in there.
• Multiple kinds of ECONAVI sensors detect usage, and tailor settings to suit your needs. The result? Reduced energy usage by up to 40 percent*. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient fridge, look no further.
• Store more without worries! The tempered glass shelves can each withstand 100 kilos of weight.

Want the perfect fridge for any family? Explore this amazing model now.

*Data prepared by Panasonic.