Clip Type Earphones RP-HS34E




Optimally Designed for Sports Use

The HS34 headphones clip on the ear and the cord runs behind the ear, so they won't come off during exercise and touch noise is minimised for great listening. The HS34 headphones are also water resistant (IPX2 equivalent*), making them even better for active use.

*Specifications are equivalent to IPX2 of IEC 60529.

Comfortable Fit

The clip hanger keeps the HS34 firmly held to the ear, and the position of the inner part can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. Multiple colour variations are available so you can brighten up your outfit or coordinate with your sportswear and shoes.


14.3-mm Driver Units
With Neodymium Magnet for Powerful Bass
10 Hz – 25 kHz
Frequency Response
Water Resistant
Suitable for Sports Use


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