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Ultra HD Blu-ray Player DP-UB9000GN

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Ultra HD Blu-ray Player DP-UB9000GN

A Reference Class with the Ultimate in Picture and Sound Quality

The UB9000 reference-class Ultra HD Blu-ray player uses Panasonic’s unique chroma and HDR processing technologies to reproduce images with cinema-level quality at home. This combines with a structure and components that pursue the highest possible audio quality, to bring you overwhelmingly beautiful pictures and sounds.
*Design, functions and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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A Hollywood Cinema Experience

This model features an HCX Processor for Ultra HD Blu-ray packed with original imaging technologies for stunning picture quality. The precise colours and HDR reproduction that form the essential elements of Ultra HD are the basis of high-defifinition images. They bring you a whole new viewing experience that you've never had before.
*HCX stands for Hollywood Cinema Experience.
*Supervised by Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory.
A Hollywood Cinema Experience

Experience stunning 4K pictures

Multi HDR Support - Panasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray Players support multiple HDR formats. They newly support HDR playback of HDR10+™ dynamic metadata, the next-generation standard. And they are compatible with Dolby Vison™. The synergistic effect achieved with the original high-quality image technologies enables even more precise image expression.
Experience stunning 4K pictures

HDR Content with Even Greater

HDR Optimiser - Panasonic's original image processing technologies achieve HDR images with higher definition. Tone mapping is used to adjust the brightness level of the content. And even HDR images from ordinary HDR10 and TV footage, which do not support special new formats like HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, provide optimal playback.
HDR Content with Even Greater

Theatre-level quality

THX®-certified Images and Sounds - The THX®-certified model reproduces the finely nuanced colours and rich, detailed images that the film creator intended, and achieves lifelike surround sound. You can watch movies at home in comparable quality that you enjoy at cinema.
*THX and the THX logo are trademarks of THX Ltd., registered in the United States and other countries.
Theatre-level quality

Stunning colour and detail

Technologies from Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, the base for Blu-ray Disc Research & Development, are applied to Panasonic‘s unique “4K High Precision Chroma Processing.” 4K image colour signals (4:2:0) are interpolated into 4K (4:4:4) by a multi-tap chroma process, for natural textures and depth.
Stunning colour and detail

Reduce vibration for pursuing premium sound quality

Chassis with High Rigidity and Lower Position for the Centre of Gravity - A newly developed drive base with a 3-dimensional, thick steel plate fixes the optical disc drive to the centre of the 2-layer chassis to reduce vibration and noise during disc rotation. And thick aluminium is used on the front and side panels. This raises the rigidity of the chassis, and reduces vibration.
Reduce vibration for pursuing premium sound quality

Clear sound with minimal noise

AC/DC Conversion Circuit - By separating the power for the audio D/A converter and analogue output circuit at their origin, the noise effects are reduced. In addition, soft switching control lowers the noise of the power supply itself.
Clear sound with minimal noise

Versatile, high quality audio output terminals

2 Channel (XLR/ RCA) and 7.1 Channel Output Terminals - The 2 channel and 7.1 channel output terminals are also separated. Moreover, the 2 channel output is equipped with a balanced XLR output terminal in addition to the RCA terminal.
Versatile, high quality audio output terminals

The Stylish Design with a High-quality Presence

Reference Design - Thick aluminium treated with alumite is used for the front and side panels. This helps to reduce vibration and increase chassis rigidity to support high sound quality while providing a design that is ideally suited to a reference class model.
The Stylish Design with a High-quality Presence

From now on, online content will also be 4K

Compatible with 4K VOD - Because 4K internet video distribution is now supported by content such as NETFLIX, Prime Video and YouTube, a wide variety of high-quality content is at your fingertips. The high-definition internet video signals are processed by Panasonic's original 4K High-Precision Chroma Processor to achieve crisp, beautiful images.
From now on, online content will also be 4K


Photo of Ultra HD Blu-ray Player DP-UB9000GN

Size and Weight


*Excluding the projecting parts.

  • HCX Processor for Ultra HD Blu-rayHCX Processor for Ultra HD Blu-ray
  • HDR10+HDR10+
  • Dolby VisionDolby Vision
  • HDR OptimiserHDR Optimiser
  • 4K High Precision Chroma Processing4K High Precision Chroma Processing
  • THX®-certified Images and SoundsTHX®-certified Images and Sounds
  • Balanced XLR OutputsBalanced XLR Outputs
  • 7.1ch Analogue Output7.1ch Analogue Output
  • Twin HDMITwin HDMI
  • High-resolution Audio PlaybackHigh-resolution Audio Playback
  • 4K Networking4K Networking
  • Wireless LAN Built-inWireless LAN Built-in

Ultra HD Blu-ray Playback (4K/HDR) - Ultimate Picture Quality with the New HCX Processor

Multi HDR Support - HDR10+ and Dolby Vison Supported

Premium Sound Quality for Various Audio Devices - Unique Audio Technologies Achieve Rich Sound Reproduction

Designed for Smart Image Viewing - Compatible with 4K VOD

The Stylish Design Provides a High-quality Presence - Refrerence Design


  • *1 Discs recorded and finalized on recording devices.
    *2 HDMI connections and compatible equipment (e.g. AV Receiver) required.
    *3 Enabled by software update
    *4 For 4K Up-scaling playback a TV with same resolution is required.
    *5 For 4K/60p video, a high speed HDMI cable supporting 18 Gbps bandwidth is required.
    *6 MP4/ MKV/ TS (H.264/ HEVC) Up to 3840x2160 25p/ 30p, 4096x2160 24p
    *7 Some network content services may not be available in your country.
    *8 Ultra HD Blu-ray and Photo (JPG/ MPO) are not supported.
    *9 This function is effective only when reproducing AVCHD data recorded with x.v.Color technology. The function cannot be used with BD-ROM or DVD-ROM discs. HDMI connection is required.
    *10 File formats that are not supported by your Network Contents server (DLNA compatible server, etc.) cannot be played.
    *11 CD sampling is done at 176.4/88.2 kHz.
    *12 A device that supports the Mirroring function and AndroidTM ver. 4.2 or higher is required.
    *13 Requires broadband Internet service.
    *14 The external HDD with capacities of 4TB or less in processing NTFS/ FAT32 data is supported. Playback is not possible with some external hard disk drives.
    *15 To enjoy content, you will need to insert a USB (1GB or more of free space/ sold separately). Requires broadband Internet service.
    *16 The analog 2-channel output terminal can also be used as an analog 7.1-channel output terminal.
    *17 Excluding the projecting parts.
    Specifications are subject to change without notice. All numbers given here are approximate.


  • The recording and playback of content on this or any other device may require permission from the owner of the copyright or other such rights in that content. Panasonic has no authority to and does not grant you that permission and explicitly disclaims any right, ability or intention to obtain such permission on your behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of this or any other device complies with applicable copyright legislation in your country. Please refer to that legislation for more information on the relevant laws and regulations involved or contact the owner of the rights in the content you wish to record or playback.
    Playability may vary depending on the contents, discs and quality of the recording. For content recorded for your personal use.
    Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Blu-ray Disc™, Blu-ray™, Ultra HD Blu-ray™ and the logos
    are trademarks of Blu-ray Disc Association.
    "AVCHD" and the "AVCHD" logo are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation.
    MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson.
    HDR10+TM logo is a trademark of HDR10+ Technologies, LLC.
    Dolby, Dolby Audio, Dolby Vision, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
    For DTS patents, see Manufactured under license from DTS Licensing Limited. DTS, DTS-HD, the Symbol, & DTS and the Symbol together are registered trademarks, and DTS-HD Master Audio is a trademark of DTS, Inc. © DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing, LLC in the United States and other countries.
    DLNA, the DLNA Logo and DLNA CERTIFIED are trademarks, service marks, or certification marks of the Digital Living Network Alliance.
    Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
    THX and the THX logo are trademarks of THX Ltd., registered in the United States and other countries.


  • BD-ROM

    • Ultra HD Blu-ray/ FULL HD 3D/ BD-Video
      • yes
  • BD-RE/ BD-RE DL (Ver.3)

      • yes
  • BD-R (Ver.1.3) / BD-R DL (Ver.2)

      • yes
  • DVD

    • DVD-Video
      • yes
  • DVD-R*1/ DVD-R DL*1/ DVD-RW*1

    • DVD-Video/ DVD Video Recording
      • yes
    • AVCHD/ MKV
      • yes/ yes* (*DVD-R/ DVD-R DL)
      • yes (DVD-R/ DVD-R DL)
    • JPEG/ MPO
      • yes (DVD-R/ DVD-R DL)
  • +R*1/ +R DL*1/ +RW*1

    • Video/ AVCHD
      • yes
  • CD, CD-R/ -RW

    • CD-DA/ DTS-CD
      • yes
    • MKV
      • yes (CD-R/ -RW)
      • yes (CD-R/ -RW)
    • JPEG/ MPO
      • yes (CD-R/ -RW)


  • Dolby Digital/ TrueHD

    • yes (Decode and Bitstream Output*2)
  • Dolby Digital Plus

    • yes (Decode and Bitstream Output*2)
  • DTS-HD Master Audio/ DTS-HD High Resolution Audio

    • yes (Decode and Bitstream Output*2)
  • Dolby Atoms/ DTS:X

    • yes (Bitstream Output*2)
  • FLAC

    • yes (Max. 192 kHz/ 24 bit)
  • WAV

    • yes (Max. 384 kHz/ 32 bit)
  • ALAC

    • yes (Max. 96 kHz/ 32 bit (7.1ch), 176.4/192 kHz/ 32 bit (5.1ch))
  • DSD (DFF, DSF)

    • yes (2.8 MHz (2ch/ 5.1ch), 5.6 MHz (2ch/ 5.1ch), 11.2 MHz (2ch))
  • AIFF

    • yes (Max. 384 kHz/ 32 bit (2ch))


  • Front

    • 1 (USB 2.0 High Speed)
  • Rear

    • 1 (USB 3.0 Super Speed)
  • Playback

      • yes (Gapless Playback : FLAC/WAV/AIFF/DSD(DFF,DSF))
    • MKV/ MP4 (H.264/HEVC), TS (MPEG-2/H.264/HEVC)
      • yes
      • yes
    • JPEG/ MPO
      • yes


  • HCX Processor for Ultra HD Blu-ray

    • yes
  • HDR Optimiser

    • yes
  • 4K Direct Chroma Up-scaling

    • yes*4
  • 4K Networking (4K Video*6 Playback/ 4K JPEG Playback*4)

    • yes
  • 4K VOD

    • yes*7
  • Picture Type Presets

    • (Normal/ Cinema/ Fine Cinema/ Retro Cinema/ Animation/ Live)*8
  • Block/ Randam/ Mosquito Noise Reduction

    • yes
  • Video on Demand in HD Quality

    • yes
  • Ultra HD Premium

    • yes
  • THX Certified

    • yes
  • Deep Colour

    • yes
  • x.v.Colour

    • yes*9
  • HDR

    • HDR10+
      • yes
    • Dolby Vision
      • yes
    • Hybrid Log Gamma(HLG)
      • yes
  • 4K Up-scaling

    • 60p/50p/ 4:4:4 (HDMI2.0)
      • yes*4*5
    • 24p/ 25p
      • yes*4*5



    • yes
  • Pure Audio on HDMI (HDMI Low Clock Jitter Process)

    • yes
  • High Quality Network Audio Playback (DLNA)

    • yes*10 (FLAC/ WAV/ ALAC/ AIFF/ DSD/ WMA/ AAC/ MP3)
  • High Clarity Sound Premium

    • yes
  • Digital Tube Sound

    • yes (Up to 192kHz/ 32 bit)
  • Surround Re-Master

    • yes*11 (Up to 192kHz/ 32 bit)
  • Audio D/A Converter

    • yes
  • Insulator

    • yes


  • Unit Display

    • yes (Dot Matrix)
  • Remote Control

    • yes
  • Subtitle Position/Brightness Adjustment

    • yes
  • HDAVI Control 5 (VIERA Link)

    • yes
  • Mirroring with Smartphone/Tablet

    • yes*12
  • Internet Apps

    • yes*13
  • Web Browser

    • yes
  • Wireless LAN System

    • yes (Built-in) IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Network Contents Playback (Client & Renderer)

    • yes*10
  • External HDD Playback

    • yes*14
  • Network Drive Access

    • yes
  • BD-Live™

    • yes*15


  • HDMI Output

    • yes (2)
  • Optical Output

    • yes
  • Coaxial Output

    • yes
  • Analogue Audio LR Output

    • yes (Gold Plated)
  • Analogue Audio 7.1ch Output

    • yes (Gold Plated)
  • LAN (Ethernet) Terminal

    • yes (for Ultra HD Blu-ray, Network Contents Playback*10, BD-Live™*15, Internet Apps*13 and Firmware Update)


  • Video System

    • PAL/ NTSC
  • Power Supply

    • AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption

    • Normal Use
      • 45 W
    • Standby (Quick Start Off): Network Standby On
      • -
    • Standby (Quick Start Off): Network Standby Off
      • 0.4 W


  • Dimensions (W x H x D)

    • 430 x 81 x 300 mm*17
  • Weight

    • 7.8 kg



Photo of Ultra HD Blu-ray Player DP-UB9000GN

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