U-10ME1H7 U-8ME1H7 18HP

U-10ME1H7 U-8ME1H7 18HP

U-10(8)ME1H7 18HP

2-WAY FSV ME1 Series

Newly designed next generation VRF!

Cooling or Heating Type

• Top class EER: 4.04 / COP: 4.56 (in the case of 8 HP)
• Top class EER / COP even at large capacity (EER: 4.02 / COP: 4.55 at 24 HP)
• Wide range of systems up to 30 HP
• Longer max piping length (up to 1000 m)
• Increased max number of connectable indoor units (up to 64 at 200% connection)

U-10ME1H7 U-8ME1H7 18HP



Ease of installation

R410A has a higher operating pressure with a lower pressure loss than previous refrigerants. This enables smaller pipe sizes to be used and allows reduced refrigerant charges.

Simple to design

Panasonic recognises that designing, selecting and preparing a professional VRF quotation can be a time consuming and costly process, especially as it is often also a speculative exercise. We have a proprietary design software which is quick and easy to use and produces a full schematic layout of pipework and controls, detailed material listing and performance data.

Easy to control

A wide variety of control options are available to ensure that FSV systems provide the user with flexible degree of control, from simple room controllers to state of the art Building Management System (BMS) control.

Simple to commission

Simple set-up procedures including automatic address setting of connected indoor units enables configuration setting to be made from an outdoor unit or via remote controller.

Accurate capacity control

To ensure that the compressor capacity is matched to building load as accurately and efficiently as possible, Panasonic has designed its range of 2-WAY / 3-WAY FSV systems to operate with DC inverter and high‑efficiency fixed speed compressors. The system selects the most efficient compressor to operate by dynamically monitoring the building load and choosing the best compressor combination to run.

Easy to position

The compact design of the FSV outdoor units enables 8 HP to 10 HP to fit into a standard lift and are easy to handle and position when on site. Space-saving and modular in design ensures building appearance can be maintained.


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