S-90MU1E51 (CZ-KPU2)

S-90MU1E51 (CZ-KPU2)

S-90MU1E51 (CZ-KPU2)

Technical focus

• Compact design
• Reduced sound levels (from previous models)
• DC fan motor for increased efficiency
• Powerful drain pump gives 850 mm lift
• Lightweight design
• Fresh air knockout
• Branch duct connection
• Optional air-intake plenum CZ-FDU2

S-90MU1E51 (CZ-KPU2)



Lighter and Slimmer, Easier Installation

A lightweight unit at 24 kg, the unit is also very slim with a height of only 256 mm, making installation possible even in narrow ceilings.* For 22 - 73 type

Drain pump of about 850 mm from the ceiling surface

The drain height can be increased by approximately 350 mm over the conventional value by using a high-lift drain pump, and long horizontal piping is possible.

Easy fine adjustment of the body suspension height!

The four corners of the ceiling panel have adopted removable corner pockets.

Easy to clean suction grill & flap

It is easy to remove a washable flap by hand.

Air flow oirected to avoid ceiling marking

The dew condensation and dirt appearing near the discharge ports of the conventional ceiling cassettes have been reduced.

Individual flap control

Flexible Air flow direction control by individual flap control is possible. 4 Flaps can be controlled individually by setting on wired timer remote controller. It can make more flexible Air-flow control to be matched to several demands in a room.

High-Ceiling Installation (Up to 5 m for 106M and higher models)

The units can be installed in rooms with high ceilings, where they provide ample floor-level heating in the winter.

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.


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