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Panasonic supported the Beauty Pageant 2015 finalists by further enhancing their beauty with its beauty care products. Have a listen to their feedback after using our products hands-on at the three corners, on November 2.


“Cleansing” and “Moisturising” – the perfect skin combo! A full-care course with four products combined at the Face Care Corner.

Do-it-yourself styling experience with the nanoe Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener at the Hair Care Corner, supported by Panasonic staff.

Relaxation is key to beauty! Health and beauty enhanced at the Relaxation Corner with the latest Panasonic Relaxation products.


Comprehensive facial care course featuring four products: nanocare Steamer to loosen makeup, Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device for deep cleansing, Ionic Cleansing/Toning Device to moisturise and Warming Facial & Body Roller for massage. See the finalists’ passion for beauty.

Miss International UK

Sophie Loudon

Today I am using the steamer and the smell is lavender, and it’s very relaxing and cleanses all the skin so I would definitely recommend it.

Miss International Russia

Valeria Kufterina

I love the Panasonic steamer! My skin becomes so soft and moist. It’s the best - I really love it!

Miss International Mexico

Lorena Sevilla

Hello everyone. My name is Lorena Sevilla.
I'm representing Mexico. Well, I just fell in love with all the products of Panasonic and I just simply love this especially because it moisturizes our skin and makes it more beautiful, shiny and this product here we have that makes our pores very very clean. I want to thank Panasonic for this opportunity and for having us here. Thank you.

Miss International Philippine

Janicel Lubina

"I like it very much because it massages my face and it creates a warm feeling causing my skin to sweat, thus, the fat on my skin disappears making my face slimmer and smaller. It's an amazing product because it's relaxing and you won't need other people to do the the facial massage on you anymore.
This is the type of product that everyone must keep in their beauty regimen. All you need to do is to buy this product and have this on your own. I can't wait to get one for myself!"


Seeking pro-touch styling which is kinder to your hair? We helped ease all finalists’ worries. Here, they share their experiences of two-way styling and moisturising their hair, and how self-styling can be so easy and handy… with nanoe! (Videos also available.)

Miss International Poland

Ewa Mielnicka

Hello everyone. My name is Ewa Mielnicka. I am Miss Poland. I recommend Panasonic company. For the first time, my hair is not dry and it's easy to curl. Thank you very much Panasonic for this. Kisses and greetings from Poland. Have a nice day!

Miss International Indonesia

Chintya Fabiola

I am so happy with this product because it really helps me. Actually, I use it inside of my hair but with this product, including the ion inside you can use it outside of your hair and it will keep your hair always beautiful and shiny everyday when you use this.

Miss International USA

Lindsay Becker

I'm using the nanoe Hair Straighener iron by Panasonic Beauty and as you can see it's giving a gorgeous bouncy curl, and it has a lot of movements to it in very light weight, so I definitely recommend this product. It's incredible.

Miss International Italy

Valentina Paganotto

Hi everyone. I’m Valentina and I'm here and I have the very great opportunity to use this amazing product of Panasonic Beauty. I can do my hair curl as you can see by this side, and my hair is straight as you can see in this side. It's so amazing because I can do both things in less time.


What busy finalists craved! Air Leg Foot Massager (their first choice) soothed feet tired by heels, while the Scalp and Eye Warming Massagers (also their favourites) rounded off the refreshment. No wonder they all wanted to stay in this corner!

Miss International Panama

Jhasmeiry Herrera Evans

This product is really amazing, because if we had a really hard day, a massage for the eyes is perfect!

Miss International Hangary

Linda Szunai

So well it was amazing but the only problem is that I cannot buy it in my country, only in Japan, but I hope in a few months or few years, we can buy it worldwide everywhere so in Hungary too. Thank you for the opportunity.

Miss International Vietnam

Pham Hong Thuy Van

I was just saying that I really really like this product because it makes all your muscle pains gone away. You can use in your hands, body, and legs, anywhere you feel in pain. I really want to buy this product and bring to Vietnam.

Miss International Canada

Kathryn Kohut

This feels amazing. I need this in my life.
Really. After wearing high heels all day especially, this is good, very good. I can just wear this with the final night, I think, for Miss International.