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Advantages of 4K

Advantages of 4K

Lumix's 4K Photo function lets you to easily capture a single video frame and extract it as an 8 megapixel resolution still image.

4K video has now spread from TVs to imaging products, such as camcorders and LUMIX digital cameras.

Four times the resolution of Full-HD, it delivers superb image quality. But that’s not all, 4K offers exciting possibilities for editing.

The 4K Photo function allows you to easily capture a single video frame and use it as a still image, with 8 megapixel resolution, from a 4K burst file.

In addition, with the new 4K Photo mode, you can easily make picture quality setting to the optimum parameter for photo shooting.

Four Times the Resolution of Full-HD






With 4K, you enjoy beautiful 3840x2160 images – four times the resolution of Full-HD. That’s why even on large-screen TVs, images look clear and realistic, not pixelated.

4K Photo


A Closer Look at 4K Photo Function

The 4K Photo is a new way of photography that Panasonic proposes. It encourages you to capture spur-of-the moment in high-resolution 4K Photo by cropping out a designated frame out of the 4K burst file. It is easier to get 4K Photo by using the 4K Photo mode.

4K Photo Cut Outs


Getting a 4K Photo is simple and easy. Just shoot the subject which is moving or about to move as a 4K video. Once the action is recorded, you can see all frames to choose the best one, which will be saved as a 4K Photo.

4K Photo Gallery


The precious little movements and expressions that children, pets and other forms of nature make are gone in an instant. View the world of these special, everlasting moments with LUMIX's 4K Photo mode.