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V Series Water Heater DH-4VL1PW

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Refresh with Safe & Clean Showers Everyday

Rejuvenate after a long day, knowing each moment under the shower brings a safe, clean, and refreshing experience, day after day.
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Clean & Worry-free Everyday Shower

Clean & Worry-free Everyday Shower
Make your everyday shower simple and easy while still providing you peace of mind with the V Series’ 9 safety features for a safe and reliable shower experience.

Putting Your Safety First

Putting Your Safety First
Rest assured with 9 safety features that prioritize your safety, through technologies that provide water and heat resistance, as well as prevention against fire, burns, and electric shock.

9 Safety Features

1 Water Resistant & Splash Proof

The IEC60529 (IP25) compliant water splash-proof case covers both the front and back plates to prevent electric shock and fire.
Water Resistant & Splash Proof

2 Prevents Overheating & Fire

The built-in highly durable copper heater unit is made from self-extinguishing, non-combustible copper to prevent overheating and fire.
Prevents Overheating & Fire

3 ON/OFF Switch

Turn off both the main power and water supply using the ON/OFF rotary switch to prevent electrical hazards and overheating.
ON/OFF Switch

4 Protects against Electric Shock

Compliant with IEC 60529 (IP25) standards, the insulated structure prevents accidental electric shock by enclosing dangerous components.
Protects against Electric Shock

5 Protects against Current Leakage

The Built-in Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB) instantly cuts off the power supply upon current leakage to protect against electric shock.
Protects against Current Leakage

6 Prevents Overheating & Heat Surges

The Water Flow Sensor automatically cuts off power during low or absent water flow to avoid overheating and burning.
Prevents Overheating & Heat Surges

7 Built to Prevent Fire

The casing complies with non-flammable material and has a self-extinguishing structure to prevent fire risk.
Built to Prevent Fire

8 Power Cut-off on Component Failures

The Manual Reset Thermostat prevents fire by cutting off power if a component fails.
Power Cut-off on Component Failures

9 Prevents against First-Degree Burn

The Auto Thermal Cut-out stops the power supply when the water temperature exceeds 55°C to prevent first-degree burns.
Prevents against First-Degree Burn

Stay Protected Against Bacteria

Stay Protected Against Bacteria
The surface of the shower plate are coated with Ag+ Crystal Material to prevent bacteria growth in humid environments, ensuring you always have a clean and hygienic shower.

Sleek & Functional Design

Sleek & Functional Design
The V Series is inspired by the timeless archetype design that is simple and intuitive to use while fitting effortlessly in every bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Press the ELB button.
Step 2: The ELB Reset Lever should slide down and the current supply is actively cut off. Step 3: Push up the ELB Reset Lever. The ELB indicator LED will light up, indicating the set is ON.

Regularly checking the ELB once a month is important to protect users and avoid potential harm, including property damage, severe injury, or death.

The main switch controls the Live line of the internal circuit. For safety, especially if the ELB fails and there's an issue with the electricity supply, turning off the main switch is crucial. It ensures that no electricity flows through the product, preventing any electrical hazard risk.

Use a soft brush to clean the holes on the Shower Head. It is recommended to clean weekly.


Photo of V Series Water Heater DH-4VL1PW

Size and Weight


*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

  • 9 Safety Features9 Safety Features
  • Water ResistantWater Resistant
  • Heat ResistantHeat Resistant
  • Shock ResistantShock Resistant
  • Fire & Burn ResistantFire & Burn Resistant
  • Prevents BacteriaPrevents Bacteria

Rated Power : 4.5 kW
Power Supply : 230 V , 60 Hz

Protects against fire & electrical hazards with 9 safety features

Protects against bacteria with Ag+ Crystal Material

Basic Specification


    • Non Pump
  • TYPE

    • Non LCD type (Analogue)
  • Power Supply

    • 230 V, 60 Hz
  • Rated Power

    • 4.5 kW
  • Water Pressure

    • Minimum
      • 0.1 kgf/cm²
    • Maximum
      • 3.87 kgf/cm²
  • Dimensions (h x w x d) mm

    • 380 x 190 x 82
  • Main Unit Weight (kg)

    • 1.51 kg
  • Body Colour

    • Matt White

Standard Regulation

  • N/A

ELB indication method

  • Red ELB light

Water Stop System

  • On/Off Rotary Switch

9 Safety Features

  • 1. Water Splash Prood Case Cover

    • IEC 60529 (IP25)
  • 2. Durable Copper Heater Unit

    • Yes
  • 3. On Push On/Off Switch

    • On/Off Rotary Switch
  • 4. Insulated Structure

    • IEC 60529 (IP25)
  • 5. Built-in Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB)

    • Yes
  • 6. Water Flow Sensor

    • Yes
  • 7. Non-flammable Material Cover

    • Yes
  • 8. Manual Reset Thermostat

    • Yes
  • 9. Auto Thermal Cut-off

    • 55ºC

Comfort Features

  • U-memory

    • -
  • U-mode

    • -
  • On/Off Pump function

    • -
  • Ag+ Antibacterial material

    • Yes
  • 3-way Shower

    • 1-way



Photo of V Series Water Heater DH-4VL1PW

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