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The exotic foodie

Organising your fridge can change the way you prepare food

What does the inside of a foodie’s fridge look like — and can Panasonic improve the way she handles
food storage and organises her fridge? Hi, my name is Erika, and I’m a foodie. When wondering how to
choose your refrigerator, a lot of people go by price. I wanted a fridge that would help me to craft
mind-blowing meals. Luckily, that’s exactly what I got with this fantastic two-door refrigerator.

Inside my fridge: fresh and exotic

Before: you can make much better use of your fridge dimensions. After: the best refrigerator brand helps you take your meals to the next level.

I love the look of this futuristic fridge. The sleek exterior and control panel make this feel like
sci-fi furniture.

As a committed green warrior, I try to use glass food containers as much as possible instead of plastic
ones (though I can’t seem to avoid using cling film). Glass mason jars are a great way for me to store daily
salads and easily take them to work.

I use a lot of exotic ingredients, including fresh herbs. The only problem is that many of these items each
have their own unique, even pungent smell. I definitely don’t want my green tea ice cream to smell like my
noodles in fish sauce, or vice versa. Luckily, the multiple separate cases divide items very efficiently, so
odours don’t mingle.

How to organise your refrigerator

It’s a pleasure to help a fellow food-lover, Erika! Below are some tips that should help take your meals
from fancy to fantastic.

Organise your food containers cleverly, and food storage becomes more efficient

Since fresh veggies are a key ingredient in any foodie’s arsenal, you want them as fresh as possible. Keep them together in the moisture-retaining vegetable case. With a high humidity of 90 percent, they stay fresh and crisp for longer.

Tip: many vegetables or herbs can be made to stay fresh for longer if you pat them dry before putting them in the fridge.

Make use of the Prime Fresh Freezing compartment. A typical fridge cools down to an arctic minus-20 degrees Celsius. Soft freezing cools to a gentle minus-three degrees Celsius. That means:
• Your meat and fish retain their nutrients, flavour and texture for seven days.
• There’s no need to defrost, so you can cut into the frozen meat immediately. Great for when you’re surprised by visiting friends and want to impress them with a meal, pronto!

Use the roomy fridge dimensions to your advantage. Try to group similar items together — this is why we’ve put your cheeses into their own section, leftover dishes underneath, and so on. Also, don’t stick short items in the back, or you may end up forgetting they are even there. Some people may buy a cute little revolving tray so that you can neatly organise and easily access jars inside the fridge.

Many foodie shopaholics like yourself may end up with duplicate jars of relish and sauces. If you’ve got three jars of the same brand of mustard, combine them into one so that you save space!

Give foods space to breathe. Some experts caution that an overpacked fridge can become less efficient, since tightly packed items mean cold air doesn’t circulate as well

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In today’s world, energy-efficient fridges such as this are becoming increasingly popular

Inside the two-door fridge

• The fridge’s Ag Clean feature means antibacterial and deodorising effects help keep your fridge’s interior — and your food — fresh and clean; it even inhibits mould formation.

• ECONAVI and inverter technology combine to use power dynamically to adapt to usage patterns. During the day, when you’re more likely to open doors, power is shifted to a higher gear. At night, this energy-efficient fridge uses less power. That means less noise while you’re sleeping, more energy savings and high-quality cooling.
• Like all our types of refrigerators, this fridge represents Panasonic’s commitment to excellence and super-rigorous testing. Every model undergoes tough quality control testing of the advanced technologies that power our fridges.

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