Japan houses some of Asia’s largest cosmopolitans and cultural melting pots. It’s an area of crowded skyscrapers, packed in rush-hour commuter trains, and restless neon signs that buzz at all hours. On the larger scale, Japan’s metropolises look like the rest of the world’s major cities. But come a little closer and the differences come down to culture. Japan’s unique customs, way of life, interests, and ambitions have been etched into their architecture and it’s visible everywhere you look.

Interesting Angles


The minimalistic architecture that has swept the world can find some of its roots in Japan’s traditional aesthetic. Minimalism, where mood is defined by what isn’t present, is similar to the philosophies of Taoism that came to Japan from China long ago. As such, safety is a concern but their innovative culture can be found in the willingness to integrate their homes with technology, such as Panasonic’s wifi-connected security systems, smart plugs, and home monitors.

Home Network System

  • Full-color camera with night vision mode and built-in microphone for live monitoring and recording.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication.
  • Splash-proof design for outdoor installation.

Maximized Space


It’s hard to enter this home without seeing an interior distinct to Japan. A neutral palette complemented with earthy colors and natural light. Wood’s strength and small imperfections contrast well with the modern material of concrete and glass, joining traditional culture with modernization. Having unique angles and rooms is a staple of this home’s modern interior, so it has many small nooks and corners to maximize floor space – despite being hard to clean. Cleaning isn’t a worry because Rulo can get into those hard to reach places easily.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Rulo)

  • Fully automatic cleaning with programmable pathing.
  • Triangular shape gives it the ability to easily clean corners and around objects.
  • Equipped with a dust sensor for easy cleaning detection.


Life with Music, Reimagined


Minimalism and Japanese culture have gone hand in hand since ancient times. Though the world has continued to innovate and technology improve, Japan has found a way to voice its culture and origins through its unique approach to design, inside and out. Décor and appliances in this home seamlessly fit-in with their surroundings, adding to the aesthetic without being too obtrusive. The Urban Audio system provides high sound quality despite its elegant and minimalistic design.

Urban Audio

  • 180-degree room-filling expansive sound equipped with AIRQUAKE BASS to provide resonating audio.
  • Sleek, seamless design that compliments any interior.
  • Use your smartphone to send music through Wi-Fi to the UA system for a truly personalized experience.