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Ionic Cleansing and Toning Device EH-ST63

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Cleanse and infuse moisture and Vitamin C deep into your skin

Ionic power enables the moisturizing ingredients and Vitamin C of your skin care products to be delivered deeper into your skin layers, keeping it moisturized and radiant from within.


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Ionic Cleansing and Toning Device EH-ST63
Brighten mode infuses Vitamin C into skin
Moisturizing/Warm Rhythm mode deliver moisturizing ingredients into skin
Cleanse mode extracts dirt from pores


How to Use Ionic Cleansing and Toning Device EH-ST63

Prepare your daily skin care products and cotton pads (or mask).

*⁴ modes: Cleansing/Moisturizing/Brighten/Warm Rhythm modes

* Please use vitamin C-containing products/mask with the Brighten mode.

1. Attach a cotton pad

Attach a cotton pad into the triangular head and fix it with the cotton ring.

* Please do not use cotton pads in the Warm Rhythm mode.
* In the Brighten mode, you can also use vitamin C-containing serum or cream without attaching cotton pads.
* If you use a sheet mask, please start from step3.

2. Soak the cotton pad with lotion

Let the cotton pad absorb the lotion completely.

* Please make sure the cotton pad is fully soaked with lotion.
* If you use a sheet mask, please start from step3.

3. Select the skin care mode

Press the SELECT button and select the, Cleanse mode, Moisturize mode, Brighten mode or Warm Rhythm mode. Also, set the ION LEVEL (LOW/MED/HIGH).

* For Warm Rhythm mode, please also select your desired vibration rhythm.

4. Select the temperature

Press the TEMP button and select the temperature (LOW/HIGH/OFF).
In the Cleanse mode and Moisturize mode and Brighten mode, the mode indicator blinks during prewarming of the cotton pad and then stays solid on in about 1 minute after prewarming is completed.

* The device can be used while prewarming.

5. Apply the cotton surface to the skin

Grip the device on the Ion Panel from the rear, apply the cotton surface to the skin and gently glide it in the order of 1-6 as indicated in the picture on the left.



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