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Backstage at the Miss International 2015


With representatives from 72 countries, the 2015 Miss International Beauty Pageant was awash with glamour and glory. Conversely, backstage featured a ‘battlefield’, with hectic last-minute do-our-best preparation. This article spotlights all contestants off-stage and their stylists, striving to show their best, assisted by Panasonic Hair Care products.


Panasonic products and nanoe technology enhance the intrinsic beauty of all women.
Finalists were very pleasantly surprised by feeling how nanoe products had moistened and softened their hair.


Panasonic products and nanoe technology enhance the intrinsic beauty of all women.
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Professional Voices -Panasonic Beauty & Ash-

This includes feedback from the pro stylists, who actually assisted the finalists in the makeup room. Panasonic products supported their off-stage efforts against the clock to coordinate and adapt contestants’ hairstyles to their changing outfits.


Bouncy, rich curls and shiny straight hairlines, moisturised and made glossy with nanoe products. With intrinsic beauty revealed and confidence boosted, the finalists left the makeup room fully prepared for the contest.


The final stage is the moment for finalists to summon up all their efforts steadily made throughout the year. Velvet hair gently swaying at every head-turn, flawless glowing skin soaked in light and colourfully clad top-ranked beauties winning the admiration and applause of the audience.


Click here for more details on the Miss International Beauty Pageant and ‘Ambassadors of Beauty’ contributing to international society.

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Every participant has her own life story. The speeches given by the ten finalists selected for the final session proved their physical beauty had been further refined by their life stance, encompassing a range of experience, self-reflection and inner polishing. The same can be said of all 72 national representatives, whose beauty shone out from within during the contest.


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