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New Day, New Soup

New Day, New Soup

New Day, New Soup

Skip breakfast no more. Discover a new way to fuel your tummy in the morning and win the day.

Imagine starting the day feeling motivated and ready to take on whatever is in store. A simple soup recipe for breakfast can give your body and soul the energy to kick start your morning and have a productive day.

New Day, New Soup

Nutritious Soups for Your Mornings

The digestive system is slow to wake up in the morning, so it’s better to stay away from greasy and sweet foods to avoid starting the day feeling heavy. Try soup instead. You can get all the nutrition from the cooked ingredients without putting a strain on your stomach. And because the body is cold in the morning, a warm soup can raise the body temperature, helping your mind and body to relax and be energized for the day.

Nutritious Soups for Your Mornings

Why is soup great for breakfast?

1. Warms and wakes the body and brain
2. Nutrients are easy to absorb
3. Easy to digest
4. Easy to cook

Easy to Make Blender Soup Recipes

Soups can be made just by throwing some vegetables into a ready-made stock. But if you want to make them quicker and easier to digest, use a blender or a hand blender. It makes the soup’s taste milder, reducing the bitterness and strong flavors of some ingredients, so even kids who don’t like vegetables can enjoy.

Silky Apple Pumpkin Soup:

Perfect balance of sweet and sour 

Cauliflower Soup: 

Super-food in a bowl

Creamy broad bean soup with Japanese dashi: 

This soup is thick and creamy with the savoury flavour of broad beans. Low in fat and high in good-quality protein, broad beans are the ideal food to fill up on.

New Day, New Soup

Try making soups using your favorite vegetables. Here’s a list of some vegetables and their known health benefits.

Bell pepper: Prevents cold and reduces fatigue
Cabbage: Promotes healthy digestive tract
Carrot: Aids for healthy and younger looking skin
Celery: Has a great detoxifying effect

Mushroom: Perfect for weight management
Onion: Promotes good blood circulation
Tomato: Has anti-aging effects

Prep Over the Weekend for Great Soups All Week

For a quicker prep on busy mornings, chop all vegetables at once and then freeze what you need for each serving. Freeze right after chopping to keep the essential nutrients of vegetables. Also, try using a high-power blender that can cook soup for even faster cooking. That way you don’t need to use or wash pots and bowls, and that can definitely save time and effort.

Enjoy mornings, feeling a little more relaxed with healthy and delicious soups!

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