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Bread Maker Recipes

Bread Maker Recipes

A collection of recipe videos to show you the fun and easy ways of bread making.

Cinnamon Bun

Perfectly indulgent for breakfast or afternoon tea, give our quick and easy Cinnamon Bun recipe a try today!

Salted Egg Bun

Does the words ‘salted egg’ set your heart aflutter? One of the latest to hit our shores is the obsession over any dish with salted egg. If this sits well with you, check out how you can easily bake up yummy Salted Egg Buns right at home with the Panasonic Bread Maker.

Chocolate Mousse & Chocolate Cornflakes Cup

A Step by step video to show how easy to make yummy chocolate mousse and cornflakes cup

Want something delicious, crunchy and superbly chocolatey? Whip up the Delectable Chocolate Cornflakes Cup and Decadent Chocolate Mousse desserts in just 5 steps. Read on for your easy-to-follow recipe.

Delicious Unagi Pizza

A Step by step video to show how to make delicious Unagi Pizza for your love ones

Pizza with Unagi toppings spiced up with red onion, lemon juice, and mozzarella cheese! Learn how to bake this heavenly pizza, with the simple steps below.

Hearty Whole Wheat Bread with Savoury Crème of Mushroom Soup

A Step by step video to show how to make whole wheat bread and savoury mushrrom soup

Our Hearty Whole Wheat Bread recipe is proof that healthy, wonderful flavour, texture and aroma can be in one single loaf. Learn the basics and prep this up in your home! View our recipe below and learn the simple steps!

Appetizing Pineapple Bread

A Step by step video to show you how easy to make appetizing pineapple bread, hassle-free.

How do you like your bread? How about throwing in some tropical flavour and bake a loaf of Moist Pineapple Bread right in your kitchen? Read on to learn the easy recipe.

Sunny Lemon Cake

A Step by step video to show how to tangy Lemon Cake

Sunny Lemon cake is perfect for festive occasions. Glaze it off with lemon juice and whisked sugar, and the taste blends in perfectly! View the recipe below to learn how!

Luscious Flavoured Buns

A Step by step video to show how to make flavourful buns

Nothing beats homemade breads and buns, and it's a lot easier to make than you might think. Master our Luscious Flavoured Buns below and start to impress those around you!