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Vacuum Cleaner MC-CL305 series

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MC-CL305 series

Ultra-Lightweight Bagless Canister Vacuum

MC-CL305 series


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Ultra-Lightweight, Portable Design

With ergonomic handle on the body, the vacuumcan easily be carried up and down stairs or comfortably held for above-floor cleaning.

Lovely round form and brilliant colors in small size.

Compact unit easy to handle and run. Not space-occupying for storage.

Power-saving eco-conscious design.

But higher-power suction motor sucks dust steadily and quickly.

Easily detachable dust-disposal compartment

How to empty the dust compartment

To keep up the suction force, preferably clean up the dust compartment and filter at short intervals.

Twin Cyclone Type dust collection.

Two swirling airflows are generated in the dust compartment, ensuring air passage to prevent clogging. Compact, yet the unit contains a large dust compartment.

Blower Function

Snap the hose to the blower port and you have a simple way to blow off dirt from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies or collect it for non-vacuum cleaning.

Air Dust Catcher Nozzle

*MC-CL305 only

Panasonic’s unique "Air Dust Catcher" sucks dust particles also from the air all at once.

It captures dust not just on the floor but also just above it, relieving babies, small kids and pets breathing at this height.

3-Step Nozzle to reach tough-to-access spots without hassle.

You can reach narrow spaces, zones below couches and high spots to keep the entire house dust-free.

*MC-CL305 only

Powerful Motor

A high-performance motor offers great clean-up achievements.

Variable Power Control

Variable power control enables multi-purpose cleaning.

Telescopic Wand       *MC-CL305 only

It can be adjusted easily to a comfortable length to meet all your cleaning needs and store compactly.


Vacuum Cleaner MC-CL305 series
Ultra-Lightweight,Portable Design
Lovely round form and brilliant colors in small size
Power-saving eco-conscious design

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