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Always keep the air clean in the refrigerator

Ag Clean inside the Panasonic refrigerator

Always keep the air clean in the refrigerator

What’s Ag Clean?

“Ag Clean” is a feature for keeping the cold air in the refrigerator clean.
A special filter including silver ions, which is installed at the cold air inlet, provides hygienic air and penetrates every nook and cranny of refrigerator. The antibacterial effect of the Ag filter is strong and has been demonstrated to deactivate 99.9% of the bacteria inside the refrigerator*¹.

Panasonic refrigerator with Ag Clean provides deodorisation and 99.9% bacteria deactivation effects
A picture of a silver bowl to show silver’s anti bacterial effect

Silver’s anti-bacterial effect

It’s said that European royalty formerly used silver tableware because it prevented the development of microorganisms in food and water.

Keep away bacteria to store ingredients hygienically

The antibacterial effect of Ag Clean is strong and the difference between using the filter or not is apparent, as shown by the results of a bacteria growth experiment. You can store just-bought food and ingredients in the refrigerator with a peace of mind. Even when you live with your family whose immune systems are not very strong, such as elderly people and infants, you can prepare food safely.

A picture of a mom happily serving clean and safe food to her family
Fresh fish stored in the refrigerator

Cleans the refrigerator and get rid of unpleasant odours

The Ag filter has a strong deodorising effect. It is effective for preventing various kinds of odours including those of meat, fish, and strong-smelling vegetables.
The effect of the Ag filter is semi-permanent, so you can keep the air in the refrigerator clean virtually forever. It is optimal for storing dishes that were cooked using a lot of spices such as food from street stalls or delivered food.

A little care provides even cleaner conditions

No matter how well the refrigerator sterilises and deodorises, it’s not good to leave spilled liquids and dribbled food inside it. If you find any old food caked inside, remove them with lukewarm water before the spot hardens in the cold air. Be careful about oil stains and
citrous juice: Oil causes deterioration of plastic. Citrus juice may cause color changes of the refrigerator’s interior parts. If something is hard to clean off, use a solution of neutral dishwashing detergent diluted in water.
Refer to the information below about cleaning each refrigerator component.

・Water tank: Remove and water wash, weekly
・Cases, drawers, door shelves: Remove and water wash, every three months
・The back of the refrigerator, around the power outlet: Remove dirt and dust, yearly

Cleaning the inside of the refrigerator with a clean wipe

*1: Testing organisation: Boken Quality Evaluation Institute. Test strains: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli. This does not mean diseases caused by these bacteria are prevented. Test method: JIS L 1902 quantitative test (bacteria solution absorption method). Viable bacteria count measurement method: Pour plate culture method. Test results: Antibacterial activity value of 2 or higher, 99.9% bacteria elimination. Depending on the bacteria count and environmental conditions, there is no guarantee the count will not rapidly increase to an unsafe level. Test No.: 003557-1 , 003557-2

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