Embracing the light

Viewing the scene before you with a photographer’s eye,
what you see is light directly passing through the lens.
When taking a picture, you are capturing the light.

To physically record an image, lens bodies are designed
to enhance optical performance and feel.
The axis through the center of the lens is your direct line of sight.
Via the viewfinder, you are guided by the light entering the lens.
Intuitively aligning the optical axis, you see what is waiting
to be expressed and to capture the essence of the subject.

A harmonious fusion

Effective tools smoothly follow user intent without unneeded attention.
Rather than imposing itself on the photographer, the camera
becomes an extension of the self, supporting the creative process.

The entire camera body has a black texture with a subtle sheen.
When carried and used, the unified impression helps you focus
solely on the act of taking pictures.
Inserting a lens, your senses quickly awaken and you become one
with the photographic tool in your hand.

Precision design in texture and form

Enabling you to smoothly realize your vision, a professional tool
represents generations of refinement.

For confident control like a calligrapher wielding a brush,
every surface detail and curve reflects a design decision, including
a notch in the lens ring where you naturally place your hand
when shooting. That way your hand knows just which ring it controls.
The distinctive shape, function and original feel
are signature features of the Series S lens.

Reliability built into every part

A professional camera is, first and foremost,
a photographic tool. In any situation, it provides
assurance that you can capture the moment.

Optimized for style, easy care and operability,
we experimented with different knurled patterns
and settled on an original longitudinal ridging.
The triangular profile was felt to improve fingertip traction,
and the tactile properties were refined by apex shaping.
This attention to detail makes zooming and focusing
quick and accurate.